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About Me

Entrepreneur,Investors,RealEstate & Philanthropist, who believe just to become a handsome billionaire.

A Real Estate builder/investor who is willing to help people build beautiful homes/plot.

It all began at the tender age of 14 years old. I was playing with my friends and out of fun we created a company by the name of “KoolPoint”. What else can you expect from a 14-year-old boy? The initial phase of my career was nerve-racking. The family pressure, the need to prove myself stole my good night’s sleep. And I started my second company at the age of 24. “Ad Infinitum Networks”, a company who helped people make ads.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that I am more interested in real estate than any other business. And this is when I joined Maymar Housing Services (PVT) LTD.

A period of life where I faced the chill wind of real estate. How to deal with the agents? How to manage the contractors/workers and everything in between.

Meanwhile, I partnered with Domain786 and 786Hosting.

On November 2015, I resigned from my job as a Deputy Manager Sales at Maymar Housing Services (Pvt) Ltd and joined ‘SAYA THE REAL ESTATE & BUILDERS’ as a real estate agent/investor.

Finally, I was growing fast. Learning the nitty-gritty of real estate industry.

I worked for two years straight. Sleepless nights, hard labor days taught me how to survive and deepen my roots in the real estate industry.

I was dealing with clients directly. Analyzing the market conditions, gathering the legal requirements, negotiating with buyers/sellers, and helping people to invest in real estate in Pakistan.

My focus shifted from physical labor to content-based marketing and social media marketing. I started online public relations apart from helping investors, clients and other realtors, Budgeting & Forecasting, Competitor analysis, Sales Acceleration and Managing Portfolio.

I offer services to new and medium-sized investors and help them empower their investment in real estate. In the past, in this role, I have helped investors in increasing their investment almost double.

I believe that good term relationship and a hands-on approach to investors brings increased standards and profits.

If you need any help to manage your portfolio, advise or want to be part of real estate field, free feel to contact me

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Contact : 0092-321-2222990