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Karachi Real Estate – Latest Investment Guide

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Karachi Real Estate Today, we are going to discuss the available options for lucrative real estate investments in the recent market situation. We will be exploring different opportunities as well as reliable projects for real estate investors in Karachi.



Kicking off with DHA City, DHA City is still one of the most recommended options if you’re looking for real estate investment in Karachi. When we observe the market trends in DHA City for the last ten years, we’ve found that the investors who invested in DHA City during 2012-13, earned a very healthy return of their investments in 2016 before the market got crashed. DHA city is undoubtedly a reliable project which promises high standards of living to its residents.

Recently, the real estate market in the country is suffering from the worst downward graph in almost a decade. So, If you’re looking to invest in DHA city, It will be a good choice at the moment. DHA City offers a wide range of commercial and residential plots. You can expect that when the market will recover from this ongoing recession, there’s a fair chance of getting lucrative returns against your investment.

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2) Gulshan e Maymar

After DHA City, our second recommendation is Gulshan e Maymar. According to the latest price updates, the prices of 120 sq yd plots in Maymar decreased from 2 to 5 lac. However, the prices for 250 sq yd saw the decrements of around 5 to 8 lacs.

If you’re looking for short term investment, we recommend you to go for Gulshan e Maymar. This project will give you good profits as early as within 3 to 4 months. Maymar has all the developments completed in terms of utilities and other necessities of living. So even if you choose to construct from scratch with the purpose of selling, this will also a good option.

Remarkably, despite Karachi’s worst-performing real estate market, Maymar is not much affected by this struggling market situation. The reason behind this stability is that the  Maymar is mostly opted by genuine buyers. Therefore, there’s a fair chance of a good deal at the moment. Considering residential plots in Maymar, if you’re interested in 120 sq yd, we suggest you to consider sector Q and R. However, if you’re looking for 240 sq yd, sector T is reasonable. In case of 400 sq yd, there are various options available in sector T and S.

On the other hand, Maymar’s commercial plots have also seen a significant improvement in the recent past. Particularly, sector Y4 is getting remarkable stability over the passage of time. The major reason behind this satisfactory performance of commercial sectors in Maymar is the each project from the reputable builders such as Saima and Lakhani. Both of these project are almost fully booked. Apart from these two, another project is in the pipeline from the famous builders Altaf. These developments shows the level of  trust Gulshan-e-Maymar enjoys from investors as well as from genuine buyers. So, if you’re interested in purchasing 200 sq yd and 400 sq yd commercial plots in Maymar, there’s a “Go ahead” from our side.

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3) Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is still one of recommended projects to invest. Safe zones in Bahria Town’s  initial precincts from 1 till 27,28 are suitable options at the moment. We are expecting a significant progress in Bahria after 3 to 4 months.

Recently, Bahria’s market trend indicated that purchasing of Villa’s in Bahria is gradually booming. The reason behind this progress is the presence of end buyers. Genuine buyers are purchasing VIllas and apartments either to live or to rent it out.

So if you’re looking to invest in Bahria for rental income, we would suggest the initial area of Bahria from the entrance till Bahria Golf city. Ali block has also improved significantly. Therefore, Ali block is also a good choice at the moment. Moreover, Villas and other 120 200, and 250 sq yd plots are also recommended subjected to the fact that they fall within precinct 1 till the surroundings of Bahria Golf City

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4) Scheme 33

Recently, Scheme 33 has seen a decline of around 20 to 30%, even the fully developed societies with all the utilities available, have seen a drop of around 10 to 15 percent. So if you’re interested in purchasing a house in Scheme 33. We advise you to must cross-check the availability of utilities, the authenticity of society, and try to stay within the safe zone. We recommend Scheme 33 as the fourth preference.

List of Illegal Societies which issued by ACE & Also Check Don’t Invest in these societies 

Market Overview

According to the latest observation, there’s a lot of genuine buyers in the market. However, Investors are still waiting for the government to announce any policy to give them relaxation in terms of taxation.

The recent meeting of business tycoons with Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa has created a lot of hope and confidence among the business community.

According to our sources, there is a fair chance that the government may announce a flat rate policy for taxation soon. Any such policy by the government can drastically boom the real estate market in Pakistan with the span of a month or two. Therefore, if you’re willing to invest, this is the right to proceed.

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