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In the last three months, Karachi Real Estate witnessed up to 15% to 30% increase in property rates, and as per my last recommendation, almost all areas we mentioned saw a jump of around 15 to 20%.

If we talk about how the real estate market will perform till the end of 2021, so property prices will start getting stable and we will see 5 to 10% correction on scheme 33 and Bahria Town Karachi. One significant correction I’m expecting is on Taiser town, it is going to see a jump of around 10 to 15% as most of the people will offload their inventory of Taiser town.



In the recent past, most of the investors offload their properties of Bahria Town. These are the investors who were holding these properties for the last four to five years. The jump in prices made old investors offload their investments and new investors entered the market. A healthy amount of buying activity has been observed in Bahria Town Karachi. Apparently, we feel the rates will remain stable and will not depreciate further.

My advice for Bahria town is that you can do investment in Bahria town the first week of November as rates are slightly lower so you will get 10 to 15% profit of your investment in January and February months 2022.

Latest Prices of Bahria Town Karachi


DHA City also showed an upward trend in the previous month and is still stable for the last two years. For instance, if DHA City jumps around 10 lacs, the market rate will be adjusted after subtracting 5 lacs, but still, the overall market worth gradually increases. We still believe DHA city is a golden opportunity. It’s the most economical project located in the surroundings of the highway.

Latest Prices of DHA City Karachi


Taiser Town jumped 20 to 35% on phase 1 and phase 2. Interestingly, I am seeing Taiser Town as the diamond for the middle-class community of Karachi. It’s expected to give great returns on your investment if you hold it for at least 5 to 10 years.
Taiser Town is an amazing opportunity for small saving investors and salaried class who want to make their home with their hard-earned money. I advise you to go for a plot in phase 1 as well as in Satta belt if you have enough capital.


Garden city is another great sensation for investors and end-users. Moreover, there’s still room for around 15% improvement in prices. Garden city is usually compared with Maymar sector Q. I believe it’s still one of the best choices for investment. It’s the perfect time to invest in Garden City and get handsome profit at the end of the year 2021 or maybe till the second week of January 2022.


In my previous article, published on Aug 30, 2021, we tell our readers about the ROI calculations of Maymar, from then, till now, the rates of Maymar are stable and genuine buyers are still active in the market.

Furthermore, in near future, I’m seeing an increment of around 10 to 15% in Maymar. So, if you are thinking to invest in Scheme 33, we will advise you to go for Maymar instead.

Latest Prices of Gulshan E Maymar


The market is just slowing down after the rocket high of prices and I am seeing a 10% correction on different societies of scheme 33. Scheme 33 has always been in high demand due to its attractiveness and within city location. We recommend you to only invest in societies of Scheme 33 where basic utilities such as gas, electricity, water are available along with lease facility.

Qureshi cooperative housing society of Scheme 33 is the talk of the town these days. We advise you to please refrain from investing in any society before checking its status on SBCA and the cooperative housing office.

Why the market is stable and slowing down?

There are few uncertainties in the market which caused this isolation of the market.

  1. The revision of rates of immovable property in urban centers by The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is a huge step to bring it to market price
  2. Dollar rate instability
  3. The inflation rate is increasing in Pakistan in the last three weeks include petrol prices
  4. Construction rate is also increasing such as steel, cement and labor cost
  5. FATF terms and conditions are making investors and clients confused and still picture is not clear
  6. Pakistan stock exchange showed a downward trend. It got stable now but still, it is one of the major factors

I can predict that the real estate market will perform like a heartbeat. You will see the upward and downward trends simultaneously. All you need is to just lock your deals on bottoms instead of peaks.

I believe this is all from our end today. Still, If you have any queries, you can always hit me up here or on my official Facebook page & WhatsApp.