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Karachi’s Top 5 performing Area

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Karachi, the world’ seventh largest metropolitan, famous as ‘the city of lights‘, is well known for its lucrative real estate market. The city contains a large number of plots, houses, and flats in several localities. Karachi is continuously facing the drastic increase in population over the past few decades. This popularity of the city resulted in the remarkable developments in the real estate sector of the city, particularly the establishment of a number of residential projects. In fact, most of these projects are newly launched. Therefore you can find plots easily as compared to houses in these projects.

Today, we are going to brief you about some of the top trending areas in Karachi in terms of plots for sale. So, if you’re looking to purchase a residential plot, we will give you a fair idea about the best available options to narrow down your search.

1) Bahria Town Karachi

According to stats, Bahria Town Karachi was the most popular choice amongst the buyers and investors looking for residential plots in the month of April. The iconic Bahria town Karachi is still under development phase. There are ample of plots available for investors as well as genuine buyers. The sizes of plots currently in demand are as follows:

  • 125 sq yd – 11 lakh to 1 crore
  • 250 sq yd – 14 lakh to 1.8 crore
  • 500 sq yd – 25 lakh 2.95 crore

2) Scheme 33

During the month of April, the second favorite choice of the people interested in residential plots was Scheme 33. This project comprises of many societies offering a wide range of residential plots. Some of the most popular societies of Scheme 33 are Meerut Society, Lawyers Colony,  and Gulshan-e-Azeem. Looking at the in-demand sizes, 120, 240 and 600 sq yd remain the most favorite sizes of buyers in Scheme 33.

Scheme 33 is one of the most widespread real estate projects of the city. The price for 120 sq yd plot in this project falls within a range of 5.5 lakh to 1.8 crores. One can easily notice the significant difference in the range of plots of the same size. The reason behind this variation is the presence of various societies having different locations and statuses from developed to under-development phase. You can easily find a residential plot in affordable rates in under-construction societies. For instance, one can easily find 120 sq yd plot in Amna CHS which is under construction. However, the same size plot can cost you more than a crore in any developed society of Scheme 33 such as Saadi Town. Similar variation can also be seen in 240 sq yd. The cost of 240 sq yd plot in Scheme 33 falls in the range of 20 lakh to 3 crores. Same goes for 600 sq yd plot, the price of such plots in Gadap Town begins with the price tag of around 60 lakh and can go up to over 6 crores in different projects of Scheme 33.

3) Gadap Town

Interestingly, Gadap Town got the third spot in the list of most popular options for residential plots in Karachi. Located in the northwest of Karachi, Gadap Town is one of the city’s biggest townships. The project comprises many residential plots in various sizes. The abundance of residential plots made this project one of the most popular choices. Gadap Town offers a wide range of 120, 240, and 500 sq yd plots.

Talking about the price tags we observe in Gadap Town, basically, the 120 sq yd plot starts with as low as 3 lakh and goes up to 1.20 crore. The price hugely depends on the location of the property. The prices for 240 sq yd in Gadap Town falls within a range of 8 lakh to 1.7 crores. for 600 sq yd, prices start with 50 lakh and can mount up to 3.5 crores.


Maymar played a vital role in Gadap Town’s such impressive progress. Real estate market in Gulshan-e-Maymar has given a satisfactory performance during the month of April. The rates for 120 and 240 sq yds residential plots saw a jump of around 10 to 15 lacs during the month. Commercial plots in Maymar also saw a similar jump of around 10 to 15 lacs.

4) DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi has secured the fourth rank as the property investors’ choice. City’s topmost posh locality, DHA Karachi comprises of eight phases. DHA Karachi is widely considered as the lucrative destination for investors due to its ever-growing real estate prices. The popular sizes of plots in DHA Karachi are 120 sq yd, 500 sq yd, and 1000 sq yd.

The 120 sq yd residential plots in DHA serves the purpose of those who’re interested in getting a small house for living. 120 sq yd residential plot in DHA can cost you from 2 crores to 4 crores. However, the prices for 500 sq yd falls within a range of 3 crores to 10 crores. The rates for 1000 sq yd are as high as from 7 crores to 19 crores.

5) DHA City Karachi

Following its parent project, DHA City Karachi has secured the fifth rank in being one of the most popular projects among real estate investors. DCK is a newly emerging housing project in the outskirts of Karachi. The project promises a state-of-the-art lifestyle to its future residents. The popular plot sizes in the locality are 125 sq yd, 500 sq yd, and 1000 sq yd.

The price for 125 sq yd in DHA City Karachi starts with 30 lakh and can go up to 55 lakh. For a 500 sq yd piece of land, you have to pay within a range of 60 lakh to 2 crores. However, for 1000 sq yd plot is an overpriced property option in the project, you need to pay heavily between 90 lakh to 2.5 crores for 1000 sq yd residential plot.

We hope our research will help you to narrow down your research regarding residential plots for sale in Karachi. However, for the best quotation and expert real estate advice, you can always check and contact