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7 reasons why you should consider DHA City for living and investing

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DHA city is indeed one of the most luxurious projects, currently passing through constructing phase in Karachi. The project offers ample unmatchable amenities that attract the number of investors as well as end buyers who are looking for top-notch ‘planned’ societies to live in the future that perfectly fulfils their residential needs.
Today. We’ve gathered some of the interesting reasons that can easily convince you to opt DHA city whether you’re an investor or end buyer. Some of the reasons are as follows:
1) Full Ownership
What could be more amazing than enjoying the attributes of full possession and watching your investments flourishing? Yes, to make it happen, DHA city gives you 100% ownership.
2) Solar power, the ultimate power solution
Power crises nowadays are one of the most severe issues of Karachi. In order to address this issue for the residents, DHA city will utilize the sunshine and wind to produce energy. This environmentally safe energy method of energy production will complement the conventional source of energy.
3) Check Dams
DHA city is well aware of the fact that water is the synonym of life. Being the only project of Karachi that is constructing the series of check dams, DHA city is keen to fulfil the water needs of their society. Check dams will be helpful in restoration of rainwater. The dams will be constructed in such a pattern that the overflow of the first dam eventually initiates the filling of the second dam and so on.
4) Full of Nature corridor
In DHA city, the lush green corridor with eye soothing view is waiting to mesmerize you. This aspect of nature is indeed hard to find in urban cities along with the modern lifestyle and infrastructure.
5) Security
Being safe and sound is the top most priority of every citizen. DHA city has efficient security administration to apply procedural controls over the bulk number of visitors in order to maintain up to the marks security standards.
6) Educational Institutes
DHA city will have the campuses of some of the most prestigious educational institutes of the city remarkably DHA Suffa University and IBA.
7) Dow hospital
Fully equipped Dow hospital will be on board to provide the enduring healthcare services to the residents of DHA city.