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Anti Encroachment Drive & Latest Market Updates

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The massive anti-encroachment drive has been started in Karachi. Starting from impress market of Saddar, the campaign has now moved in different areas including Khalid bin Waleed road where showroom owners encroached residential plots for commercial purposes. Many showrooms have been sealed by authorities. This anti-encroachment drive in the city has inclined the builders towards highway side. Scheme 33 is also one of the centers of focus. However, Gulshan-e-Maymar has turned out to be the key player at the moment. The project is seeing a lot of activities for the last 10 days in commercial as well as the residential plot. The overall market of the country is slow at the moment, but not dead at least. The presence of buyers still exists in the market. The latest rates of Gulshan e Maymar are as follows:

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DHA city is also having a slow-going market at the moment. Rates at DCK is also going downwards but still the project has a lot of potentials. If you’re looking to make an investment, I’ll advise you to keep DCK as one of your top three priorities. Currently, the average selling and purchasing of Plots at DHA city are around 10 to 15 units per day. DCK is one of the most reliable and trusted project of Karachi to invest on. It is just a matter of time and we will see some recovery. A few days ago, the file of 500 yards sold at around 85 lacs in sector 12. Looking at the overall market situation of the city, I believe the situation of DCK is not that bad. If the buyers are very few in numbers, the sellers are also limited, which makes the equation balanced for both the parties.

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The activities in Bahria town Karachi is near to zilch. But I must say Bahria Town has the bright future ahead. The market of the project will resume flourishing once they sorted out their legal issues. if you’re willing to invest in Bahria, I will advise you to wait for some time. If you’ve already plot(s) in Bahria, you should hold them for a while. Probably the legal issues of the project will be resolved in February or March, then you will have a good chance of better returns of your investment.

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MDA Scheme 1 (MDA I): The demand for MDA scheme 1 has been created artificially. It is 100% gamble. So stay out of it. Prices were realistic till September, but after that this is all cooked up by starving agents of BTK and DCK. Do your own due diligence before writing a cheque for this project.