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DHA City Karachi – All you need to know about construction bylaws

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DHA City is the country’s first-ever sustainable and smart housing scheme. There’re many people who are considering to build their house in DCK. If you’re one of them, today’s guide will give you detailed information about construction bylaws in DHA City, Karachi.

Building your house is one of the hectic, time-consuming, and expensive process. From getting approvals of building plans from relevant authorities to finally obtaining the certificate of completion, there’s no room for even a little mistake, because it may cost you a huge sum in the end. Despite the majority of the people leave these matters to architects and contractors to take care of, but it’s really important for individuals to be aware of the building guidelines of the housing project they’re planning to build their home.

Therefore, if you’re an owner of a residential plot in DHA City, Karachi. Here are some of the most important construction guidelines about constructing our home in DHA City, Karachi.

How to obtain a building plan approval?

Landowners who are willing to build their homes or to altering a residential property initially need to obtain approval from the authorities of DHA City, Karachi.

The documents required for the approval of building plans are as follows:

  • Application for approval of building plan (DCK Form 1)
  • Five copies of proposed plans
  • Five copies of the site plan issued by DHA City, Karachi
  • Receipt of payment of scrutiny fee
  • Copy of power of attorney, in case someone else is submitting the plans on behalf of the owner

For any query regarding the checklist, please contact DHA City, Karachi,


Some of the key building bylaws in DHA City are as follows:

  • In a residential area, It is strictly prohibited to conduct any type of commercial activity
  • As per the building bylaws, residential properties cannot be used as the religious venue for worship or to hold any social or cultural events.
  • it’s necessary for the owner to obtain special permission from the DCK management for any alterations and modifications in existing structures of residential property
  • As per bylaws, it’s banned by the DCK authorities to construct ‘Duplex of any design’ on any plot size
  • It’s necessary to have an underground grey water tank for lawns and plants on residential properties of 50 sq yd and above
  • DCK authorities have banned the construction of any kind on the roof except a staircase, mumty, overhead water tank, solar panels or water heaters
  • However, for the alternative energy solutions, DCK authorities may allow if all the structural, safety and environmental requirements are being met and fulfilled
  • The kitchen and bathrooms can be constructed inside the basement. However, it is mandatory to have a proper means of disposal and ventilation
  • In order to maintain an aesthetic consistency, DCK management has adopted different architectural styles for different sectors. All buildings must be constructed as per the facade policies of their particular sectors


Here are the approved height standards for residential buildings, as per the DHA City, Karachi, bylaws.

Description  Minimum Height  Maximum Height
Level of the main gate from the road level 1 foot 1 foot – 6 inches
Plinth level from the road level 2 feet 4 feet
Ground floor (floor to ceiling) 9 feet – 6 inches 14 feet
First floor 9 feet – 6 inches 2 feet
Height of main building (up to the roof) 22 feet 31 feet
Stair tower 7 feet 8 feet
Stair tower + elevator shaft/ water tank 12 feet
Overall height of the building (including stair tower + elevator shaft/ water tank) 30 feet 43 feet
Boundary wall from the crown level of the road 6 feet 8 feet
Basement 8 feet 10 feet – 6 inches


As per the building regulations in DHA City, the allowed covered area for houses are as follow:

Area of Plot Covered Area Front Rear Sides No. of Floors
Up to 150 sq yd 90% 4 feet B+G+1
151 to 250 sq yd 90% 5 feet B+G+1
S25 to 350 sq yd 75% 5 feet 3 feet 5 feet on one side only B+G+1
351 to 450 sq yd 75% 8 feet 4 feet 5 feet on one side only B+G+1
451 to 800 sq yd 65% 10 feet 6 feet 5 feet B+G+1
801 to 1800 sq yd 55% 20 feet 10 feet 10 feet B+G+1
1801 sq yd and above 50% 30 feet 15 feet 15 feet B+G+1


  • Sub-division of residential plots are strictly prohibited in DCK
  • However, In the case of an amalgamation, it’s necessary for the owners to get approval from the DCK authority
  • Residential plots cannot be amalgamate more than four times the size of the original plot following the payment of the prescribed fee
  • The conditions regarding compulsory open and covered area should be followed
  • In the case of developed properties, amalgamation may be allowed by removing the central wall


These are the approved minimum area size of each room in a house, as per the building bylaws in DHA City, Karachi

Type of Room Area Width Height
Living room 110 sq ft 9 feet – 6 inches 9 feet – 6 inches
Kitchen 48 sq ft 6 feet 9 feet – 6 inches
powder room 15 sq ft 3 feet 7 feet – 6 inches
Bathroom 24 sq ft 4 feet 7 feet – 6 inches
Servant quarter 80 sq ft 8 feet 9 feet – 6 inches
Guardroom 36 sq ft 6 feet 8 feet


  • Erecting any antenna tower on hoarding in the premises of residential buildings is strictly prohibited
  • Construction of stairs or steps beyond the boundary wall is not allowed. However, ramp not more than 4 feet are allowed along with steps leading to the gate.
  • For any landscaping outside the boundary wall,  you need to obtain a special permit for DCK authority
  • No tap or water point should be left outside the boundary wall


Only the following constructions are allowed in the compulsory open area:

  • Pergola for car porch
  • Benches, gazebo or temporary (removable) canopy in the front
  • Spiral stair in the rear
  • Guardroom
  • Underground water and septic tank
  • Cages for birds or other pets in the front or rear. The railings must not be higher than the boundary wall
  • Electrical switchboard, water pump or motor
  • Fountain, barbecue counter, walkways, and flower beds elevated up to 2 feet. These should not exceed half the width of compulsory open space
  • Washing or ablution area in the rear or side
  • Swimming pool


  • You can only construct a swimming pool if your residential plots in 500sq yd or above. They can be built in the basements or on the first floor
  • The registered structural engineer will certify the structural design of the pool prior to construction
  • A water filtration plant is necessary along with a holding tank of enough capacity
  • The pool should provide adequate privacy
  • Construction of swimming pool is prohibited in the compulsory open space
  • It is mandatory to construct a change/shower room
  • In case of any damage to the neighboring structure, the property owner constructing the swimming pool must bear the expenses


  • According to DHA bylaws, the servant quarter should be a mart of main construction, not the compulsory open area.


The resident must apply for the Completion Certificate within 30 days after the completion of the entire construction

The documents you need to provide are as follows

  • Notice of Completion
  • Five sets of drawings
  • The fee prescribed by the DCK authorities
  • Duly filled and signed inspection card
  • Two sets of soft copies of drawings (PDF + AutoCAD)
  • Registered Architect Certificate (DCK Form 2)
  • Registered Engineer’s Certificate (DCK Form 3)
  • Certificate of Structural Soundness of Building (DCK Form 4)
  • A certificate detailing alternate energy solutions installed (DCK Form 11)
  • Fire Safety Precautions Adherence Certificate (DCK Form 12)