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A Comprehensive Insight into DHA Peshawar and Its plots

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Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has announced its first project in the province of KPK under the name DHA Peshawar. It is because of their good reputation in the market that the new project has been getting good attention from the public especially living in Peshawar. For people belonging to Peshawar and other surrounding cities, life in DHA Peshawar seems a highly popular and desirable sight to celebrate.

DHA has earned quite a good name in the real estate sector and a big number of people trust in its stable market growth. We will take you into a deeper insight to look into what DHA Peshawar has to offer to the public.

History and Vision behind DHA Peshawar

The project was announced for the first time in 2007 and was developed according to the vision that looked forward to providing innovative neighborhoods in Peshawar having good facilities that contributed to a better quality of life in a safe place for enabling its inhabitants for living their desired lifestyle.

With the first establishing years, the DHA initiated the procedure for the selection of the identification, acquisition, and zoning of the land. With time, it secured a top spot in the most favored housing scheme going on in the country with a dedicated approach towards customer satisfaction, security, and brilliance in every capacity. On the top, the real estate professionals in the locality having DHA Peshawar properties have a good history in the production of best profit in comparison to other schemes in Pakistan.

Where is Defence Housing Peshawar Located in the City?

DHA Peshawar is located around Sheikh Abad and Hayatabad and is an ideal location for people who wish to settle in Peshawar. The north-western border shares the Warsak Dam, while N-5 runs across its feet which makes it quite approachable.

In addition, the community is in the vicinity of other well-developed areas of the city, like Regi Model Colony, Hafiz and Yaseen Town.

Reasons for considering an investment in DHA Peshawar

The official website of the project promises that the authority is going to provide a world-class lifestyle environment to the people, you will be having a good lifestyle experience. The community project promotes advancements in the facilities for an even better standard of living for the residents and the creation of good opportunities. Some of the highlighted facilities are:

1. It will be the first gated project in the entire KPK

2. Innovative infrastructure according to the global living standards

3. Highly developed road networking

4. DHA backing

With all these amenities, it is safe to say that the DHA Peshawar project is going to set a good example for the real estate market in the entire province.

Recent DHA Peshawar Developments

DHA Peshawar has opened its gates for civilians in addition to the retired army personnel and families in Pakistan. The project is still in its gestational period, but the development work is all planned out.

Timeline of Development of DHA Peshawar

A comprehensive timeline tells all the important events regarding DHA Peshawar development:

1. 2007 – initiation/announcement of the project with the acquiring of land, identification, and selection process.

2. December 2014 – real estate agents and property dealing registering process

3. November 2015 – announcement for 10 marla and 1 Kanal residential plots

4. December 2015 – booking officially closed

5. March 2016 – accepting of applications through ballots with the announcement of results. Also, issuing of the designated plots in Phase 1 for the candidates with the scheduling of payments with membership forms

6. May 2016 – transferral of plots initiation

7. August 2017 – proposition of developmental project work with road networking, a supply of water, drainage, waste management systems, and systems for sewerage.

8. December 2017 – MoU between the Brigadier FWO Maitla and the Brigadier M. Riaz Ahmed. The work initiated in the last week of the month. Ballot paper second phase also started

9. September 2018 – main entrance inaugural

10. October 2018 – Sector A and B developmental work in the finishing stage

11. May 2019 – Sector C and D developmental work in the initial stage

12. November 2019 – possession of plots in blocks A and B

Status of Properties in the housing schemes

For securing investment in the housing scheme, the project gives plenty of options for investors.

For instance, 5 marla plots in the region range from 38 lac to 42 lacs in Pakistani currency. In comparison, plots occupying space of 10 marla range from 28 lac to 60 lacs in Pakistani currency. The price range for 1 Kanal plot starts from 1.6 crores to 1.35 crore.

However, few homes in the project of Defence Housing Authority, Defence Housing Authority Peshawar are available for sale and the work is under progress. Investors will be soon having more options where they can be able to secure their money in the new project.

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