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Are you expecting the fall of the real estate market?

Are You The One Expecting Real Estate's Next DIP?

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There are many people who are expecting the fall of the real estate market which will ultimately take prices down to where they were a month or two before. Unfortunately, we don’t believe that it’s going to happen. The dips we are expecting in the future will be practical and short-termed.

The government of Pakistan has stepped back from its policies, which means the strict scrutiny of investors will be no longer active at least till the near future.

Since we all know, investors have to pay various taxes in Pakistan that’s why any major change in policy can only be implemented in Pakistan through splitting it into different phases. Therefore, the government has modified its plan of action and implementing changes in phases.

Currently, we are going through the first phase. The government is doing a pretty fine job of getting all undocumented contractors and builders onboard to make them documented and registered businesses.

The government is giving big incentives to documented contractors and builders at the moment. All these registered businesses (under FBR & SECP) will be further benefited when they become eligible for federal contracting.

These policies are not only economic and investors’ friendly but also help the real estate industry avoid a long drought of 4 to 5 years.

There are endless opportunities for builders and contractors. The government will also earn healthy revenue from the chain of businesses these registered businesses will generate.