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How to get a construction permit in Karachi from SBCA?

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If you have a plan to build a home in Karachi but you are unaware about the procedure, then don’t need to worry anymore as we are going to tell you some tips that can come in handy. As you already have an idea, the first step towards building a house of your dreams in the city of lights is getting a permit for construction from the Sindh Building Control Authority, also known as SBCA. A service called a Single Window Facility allows residents to get these construction permits within a month. The automated service is easily accessible for anyone wanting to build a house under 400 square yards in the vicinity of Karachi or a building of 120 square yards.

At the previous scale, one had to go to the above-mentioned office and had to submit the application by hand as well as the relevant drawing for the construction for getting the permit for building the house despite the size of the area. The SBCA officials used to check the documents and then verify them that included land titles and relevant titles prior to the issuance of the permit. Therefore, the concept was time-consuming.

This year, things changed, and the efficiency of the operations improved at a considerable rate, all thanks to the new computerized system introduced by the Sindh government. Despite the fact that people wanting to build a home larger than 400 square yd still have to do all the formalities, the procedure has become a lot simpler than expected for people who want to construct category I buildings in the city.

However, according to the SBCA officials, a similar method will soon be coming up for the Category II, Category III, and also Category IV buildings in the city.

Development work plans in Karachi

Before discussing the overall procedure of getting a land construction permit for the house in Karachi, we need to first acknowledge the different categories involved in the development works according to the official website of the SBCA – Sindh Building Control Authority – under the town planning and building regulations.

Category I building

Bungalows on land that cover up to 399 square yards and have three storeys.

Any building on land covering 120 square yards with a height of 33 feet.

Any warehouse on land covering 1100 square yards with a height of 35 feet.

Category II building

Any bungalow on land covering an area of more than 400 square yards.

Any building having a total floor area up to 20,000 square feet and a height of 50 feet.

Category III building

All buildings having a total floor area that is more than 20,000 square feet and a height of more than 50 feet.

Category IV building

Any industrial building or a building for pubic use having more than a total number of three-floor, constating a floor area of more than 14,000 square feet and having a span of more than 40 feet, with a height of the ground floor to be more than 15 feet. This includes the buildings for amenities and public sale.

Category V buildings

This is specially designed for areas covering at least 2.5 acres and greater spaces.

SBCA permit reforms for buildings under category I

The SBCA constructing permit for buildings coming under category I came into existence for providing assistance to the country in performing better on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index 2020 that it did via getting to spot number 108. The report evaluates the regulations in the economy in 109 countries on twelve metrics. It assists the countries in gauging the business-friendliness of a certain country, it consequently means that the higher the rank on the index, the more investment it is likely to attract.

Getting the permits for construction for houses in Lahore and Karachi and streamlining them was one of the reforms that assisted the country in becoming one of the world’s top 10 improved areas for business.

Therefore, the automated facility came into being that efficiently influenced the SBCA method by reducing the number of steps for obtaining the permits and certifications from a total of 18 to just 6.

The total steps stated are as under:


Get a letter that confirms the land title from the relevant authority that owns the land. The total duration is 14 days.


Get the required documents submitted, apply for the documentation and get a permit for construction. The total duration is a month.


The Sindh Building Control Authority will come to inspect. The duration of this step involves only one day.


After the construction, SBCA will again come to inspect, after which you can get a certificate for completion. This process also takes one day.


The SBCA will pay a final visit for inspection. It takes place in one day.


Get the completion certificate issued by the SBCA. It takes a month.

Steps for getting a construction permit in Karachi

These are some steps following which you can get a permit for construction in Karachi for under 400 square yard home.


For applying for a permit for construction, you will first have to go to the website of the SBCA and get a Licensed Professional from the given list. The professional will be attesting your document and submitting your permit.


The professional will employ their credentials for logging in through the official web portal for completing the form for application online and then uploading the required documentation. On submitting the documents online, the authorized person will be physically submitting a hard copy at the Single Window Facility.


The staff at SBCA will be pre-screening the application and other documents that add to the case. If there is any incompletion in the process, the request might be rejected. However, both the professional and the owner would be informed regarding the final status of the application.


On the approval of the application, you will get a challan for ZP 1 form as well as the scrutiny fees that can be generated online.


You will also get a notification after the permit for construction has been submitted when the payment is confirmed. The application will then be destined for the final vote for approval for the permit in Karachi.

Required documentation for construction permits

The documents you need for applying for a permit of construction for homes in Karachi that come under Category I are stated in the following list:

1. Allotment order

2. Possession order

3. Acknowledgment of possession

4. Copy of the CNIC of property owner/attorney)

5. Two passport size pictures (owner/ attorney)

6. ZP-01 Form

7. ZP-02 Form (Undertaking)

8. Current pictures of the site

9. Eight sets of drawing

10. Demolition permission in case of old structures existing at site.

11. Lease deed

12. Mutation/ transfer order

13. Site plan

14. Forwarding letter from concerned authority/ lessor

It is also important to acknowledge that these requirements are copied from the official SBCA website. In addition, you can also check some top locations where you can get plots around 215 to 265 square yards for as low as 60 lakhs. However, a bigger property ranging from 475 to 525 square yard has a budget of 2 crore Pakistani Rupees.