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Key Points For Buying a Property On Installment Basis

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Real estate investment in Pakistan is one of the most lucrative small-scale investment options in Pakistan. Property investment is considered one of the best small-scale investment opportunities in Pakistan. The wide range of available options and convenient installment plans by developers further adds value to the affordability factor of property investment in Pakistan. Therefore, if you’re interested in buying a property on an installment basis but not aware of the procedure and aspects involved in the overall process, we are going to give a few handy tips today which will eventually help you in purchasing real estate property through an installment plan.


Here are some of the important points for you to consider if you’re looking to purchase property on the installment plan.

– A Detailed Research
– Assess the Location
– Double-check Legalities
– Stay Informed
– Obey the Rules

A Detailed Research

One of the initial steps before investing in real estate is the detailed research. You need to closely monitor the local real estate market and the average price trends for the type of property you’re looking to purchase. This is one of the basic tips for purchasing a property through an installment plan.

You should have an idea of the current real estate prices of the local market, it helps you avoid overspending while making a deal on an installment basis. You can always check to check the popular newly-launched and upcoming projects in the real estate market of Karachi.

Almost all of the newly-launched real estate projects offer convenient installment plans. It provides you the opportunity to compare different projects in terms of your budget and preference. You need to check the facilities and amenities and other factors that add value to your investment and consider each option accordingly. All these steps are essential before finalizing your decision.

If we emphasize facilities that are necessary for the modern-day living, the housing project you’re looking to invest in must offer 24/7 utility supplies, security, and well-connected with the city. In case, you’re interested in investing in a flat on an installment basis, you’ve to make sure if the project offers lifts with power backup, particularly if your chosen flat is located on the upper floors.

The latest projects also offer amenities such as indoor recreational activities, dedicated space to spend leisure time, and designated parking facilities.

Assess the Location

Choosing a location for your investment is the most crucial step of the whole process. There’s a fair chance that your selected location may not fulfill all of your preferences but you cannot compromise on location in any case. Therefore, always buy property on the installment plan which is located in a good vicinity and well connected with all major roads of the city.

We recommend you to never invest in a property if the location doesn’t suit you. Regardless of how convenient and reasonable is the payment plan, the bad location will not only negatively impact your living but also affect your property value.

Double-check Legalities

We have seen many large-scale crackdowns against encroachments and illegal housing schemes across the country in the recent past. That’s why it’s very important to ensure that the property you’re investing on an installment basis doesn’t have any legality related issues. Always double-check the background and legal status of the project before investing.

If you’re looking to invest in Karachi, you can always check our website to be informed about legal and illegal housing projects in the city.

Be Informed About Latest Developments

Keeping yourself up-to-date about the latest happenings related to your project is necessary for making in investment on an installment basis. You need to keep sharp eye on developments such as ballotting, handling over, possession, etc. Builders also offer different privileges such as discount offers and special waivers to investors. Therefore, in order to gain benefits from such opportunities, you need to be keen-eyed.

Obey The Rules

To keep things smooth and simple for your installment-based deal, it’s unavoidable to follow rules and regulations. You need continuous interaction with the builders and visits to their office often to keep all the transactions documented. Always keep every little transaction on documents. You should have the receipt of every single payment, as a safe side to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

If we talk about the payment structures, the down payment is usually around 10 to 15 percent of the total property wort, which you need to pay initially. Subsequently, you may either pay monthly, quarterly, or biannually. It completely depends on your payment plan. You need to ensure that you are following rules and guidelines and aren’t missing payment deadlines. It helps you attain timely possession and maintain a good reputation as a real estate investor.

So these are some of the key aspects we’ve gathered today. We hope these points will help you plan your installment based real estate investment. If you’ve any questions or confusion regarding purchasing a property through an installment plan, please feel free to contact us or write in a comment section.