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Taiser Town MDA Scheme 45 – Opinions & Future

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Sind government has announced a new low-cost housing project located on the northern bypass which is targeted for lower middle and lower income class of Karachi. The project has been announced under the banner of the Malir Development Authority (MDA). The newly announced scheme, Taiser Town Scheme 45 offers a wide range of residential plots of different sizes. The prices start from as lows as PKR 1000 per square yard. However, the bookings in the scheme are subjected to the success in a computerized ballot that will be held after the applications receiving process has been completed.


Taiser Town Scheme 45 advertisement in a newspaper

Taiser Town Location

The project is located at near Fazaia Housing Scheme phase I on Northern Bypass. Taiser Town Scheme 45 is an under developing project. Various housing schemes are already under construction in the area including Motor City Project. Additionally, the government has also planned to build a wholesale market in the locality in order to facilitate the residents.

Basically, Taiser Town Scheme 45 is offering its wide range of plots which are 80 sq.yards, 120 sq. yards, 240 sq.yards, and 400 sq.yards residential plots. The plots are offered to the general public via an open ballot of applications. Application forms are available on all branches of Silk Bank as well as online, on MDA’s official website. You can fill your details in order to obtain the softcopy of your form.

Once you obtain or download your application form, you can fill the empty fields through necessary details and submit the form at any branch of Silk Bank nationwide. You’ve to pay down payment and processing fee along with the form. The down payment is refundable in case you couldn’t succeed in the ballot. But the processing fee is non-refundable. In order refund your amount, you need to visit the same branch of the Silk Bank after the balloting where you submitted your form.

Here is the pricing structure of Taiser Town Scheme 45.

As mentioned on the payment structure, you need to pay the booking amount is payable at the time of application. Processing fee for 80 sq. yards and 120 sq.yards is PKR 1000. However, the processing fee for 240 sq.yards and 400 sq.yards plots are PKR 2000.

Once you succeeded in the ballot, you will have a month to pay confirmation charges. Allocation charges, however, can be paid within 2 months from the ballot. The remaining amount is payable in the span of three years through flexible quarterly and monthly installment plans.

Just for note, the above-mentioned pricing includes the cost of land only. Other development and utility charges will be applied by the passage of development.

Eligible Criteria

  • If you already have a plot in Taiser Town Scheme 45. You will not be eligible to apply.
  • You cannot apply more than once in the same plot category.
  • You can apply in all plot categories, but you can keep only one plot if you come out successful in more than one categories.
  • If you live in Karachi, you can pay via pay order, however, if you’re living outside Karachi, you will need to pay through demand draft.
  • Demand Draft of Pay Order can be prepared at any commercial bank.
  • Pay order/demand draft to be prepared in favor of “Taiser Town Scheme 45“.
  • The plot will not be transferable until the completion of all payments.
  • Forms can be submitted till 30th of March, 2019.


Currently, you cannot find a property at such reasonable prices anywhere else in the city other than this scheme. In Taiser Town, you can get 80 sq.yard plot in PKR 80,000 along with the flexible three-year installment plan.

So, In our opinion, we believe its a great opportunity, and everyone should avail it. Moreover, this project has been announced by the Government of Sindh through Malir Development Authority, therefore, there are no questions on its authenticity.