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Shaheed E Millat Road – A Truly Karachi Beauty

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Shaheed e Millat Road is one of Karachi’s most popular assets. With immense popularity and the presence of properties available for selling and renting in the city of Lights, the road is in the vicinity of popular places such as the CP Berar Society, Bahadurabad, and Sharfabad. In addition to this, Shaheed e Millat Road is linked with a number of roads that make it easier for the residents to commute here and about belonging to this neighborhood. Tariq Road, the highly important place for shopping, is also located nearby it. Moreover, it connects to the road in a hassle-free way by minimizing the traffic with the help of an underpass that rightly intersects the roads, allowing passengers to move freely. We will be seeing how this big change in the roadmap has helped Karachiites live more easily and what new projects are under the Shaheed e Millat Road.


Shaheed e Millat acts as an expressway, starting from across the Jail Chowrangi connecting the point all the way to the KPT Flyover, which is the common living region that touches The City School PAF Chapter. The properties and houses are built in a manner that all facilities are readily available there.

You can see many well-renowned institutes for education, health provision staff, top-class hotels and restaurants, shopping locations, and highly popular supermarkets of the city present there. In addition to that, there is a big number of developments coming with the goal of better infrastructure on the road. The projects come with the aim to improve the convenience mode in the city. For instance, a recent inauguration of a flyover on the crossover of Tipu Sultan Road and the Shaheed e Millat Road was done on 7 December 2019. The development of an underpass on the crossover of the famous Tariq road with this road would be playing an important role in alleviating the traffic jam situation that often occurs in main cities like Karachi, especially when there is a rush in the shopping destinations.


Some of the highlighted advantages of living on the Shaheed e Milat Road are stated as the following:

1. Central location demand

2. Tariq Road in the vicinity of the locality

3. Good institutes for education are found

4. Fun places and parks for the whole family

5. High-level services relating to medical health

A number of important roads are associated with this road. Examples include Rashid Minhas Road, Alamgir Road, Amir Khusro Rd, Shahra e Faisal Road, Tariq Road, Siraj ud Dadia Roaf, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, and the national stadium road. These are among the famous road that forms a connection with the Shaheed e Millat Road. This has made daily commute for passengers in Karachi quite easy.

For instance, if you are thinking to live on the Shaheed e Millat Road and you do your job at the PECHS, you will just have to drive for 15 mins to reach the Shahra e Faisal. Moreover, there are more advantages when you decide you are going to a better mood for breakfast, you can go to Alamgir road from where you can enjoy sizzling hot Lachay dar parathas. Ice creams served on them will make it a fun and exciting snack for the afternoon.

If you wish to get benefits from good health care service provision, the Aga Khan Hospital is present with just a distance of 15 mins. On the other side, if you are a cricket fanatic, you can head to the National Stadium which will also require a 15 min drive.


Tariq road is a highly busy location in Karachi known for having branded and world-class shops for customers. The highly popular Dolmen Mall is also present on this road. People living on the Shaheed e Millat road can easily move towards this beautiful destination to shop present on the Tariq Road.

You can get almost anything to wear from this toad. In addition to that, if you want your kids to have fun too, you can introduce them to the Sindbad Wonderland which is also located in the Doman Mall. There, your kids and have a good time and enjoy games for fun.

Shaheed e Millat road comes with a good underpass that has solved the problem of a lot of people living in Karachi for some reason. On the intersections, the flyovers are also good for making the traffic flow without compromise on the driving experience or the space for vehicles for the driver.


· The Shaheed e Millat Road has a number of schools like the Happy Home School, PAF Chapter from the City School and others that really are better than other mediocre institutes.

For instance, the Wonder Tree school is an innovative institute designed especially for disabled children. With that end, we are also quoting some of the highly famous parks for only family members. These include the highly popular Hill Park, after that, the list goes on. Moreover, Jinnah Medical and Dental College is also of good repute in the town and is a major place of medical practice in the town.

Hill Park has a lot of enchanting views from its peak and from there you can witness the glorifying highlights of this city.


Aga Khan Hospital offers world-class innovative techniques and services related to health care to all people. The institute is available by just 15 mins away from the central location of the road. In addition, the Royal Institute of Medicine and Surgery, Hill park Hospital, Medicare Cardiac, and General Hospital are some important examples.


Properties for sale and rent on Shaheed e Millat Road in Karachi are quite beneficial. You can easily find fully furnished homes as well as fancy and sophisticated apartments that are also fully furnished according to the requirement of the one living in it.

You can find a large number of properties that are available on the Shaheed e Millat Road. You can easily find homes of all sizes, and dimensions with style. Be it a two-bedroom apartment or a property worth of 4.75 crore in Pakistani currency. Apartments with more bedrooms and capacious space vary from 2.6 crore Pakistani currency, to 5 crore Pakistani rupees.

If you have a keen interest in getting an apartment on the Shaheed e Millat road in Karachi, you can get a lot of variety to choose from. For instance, you can an apartment of three bedrooms with 45 thousand to 1.2 lakh. This is a critical time for rental as the price for the lowest pieces is 2 lakh PKR, that can fluctuate and elevate to even 16.5 lakh PKR in the future