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Scheme 33 Safe Cooperative Housing Societies

SBCA issued 81 Safe Zone Societies for Investment

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Fraudulent deals are something very common in Karachi when it comes to real estate dealing particularly involving cooperative housing societies. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to be careful and vigilant when purchasing the plot in any of such cooperative housing societies in Karachi. Therefore here we are sharing Scheme 33 Safe Cooperative Housing Societies

Recently, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has officially listed 81 Scheme 33 Safe cooperative housing societies that are authorized by the Master Plan Department and their respective society offices. These societies are safe zones for buyers. However, the process of verifying the remaining societies is in progress by SBCA.

Essentially, there are three departments involved in the recommended SOP for buyers.

Firstly, the nominee ought to visit the office of the cooperative housing society and demand the “forwarding letter”.

Forwarding letter is basically an authorized document that certifies that the particular plot belongs to that person. This letter is issued by the office of the cooperative housing society.

Secondly, the person should visit the Civic Centre, the ninth floor at Master Plan Group of offices to double-check the design plan of the cooperative housing society.

Third and lastly, you need to get the approval from SBCA to initiate the construction on your plot. To streamline the transactions for cooperative housing societies, the Sindh Building Control Authority has an automated single-window facility. By using this facility, the nominee can easily verify the status of the society by paying a simple visit to SBCA’s facilitation center located at Civic Centre.

The list of Scheme 33 Safe Cooperative Housing Societies is:

  • Abuzar Ghaffari CHS
  • Al-Ashraf CHS
  • Ali Town CHS
  • Aligarh Muslim University CHS
  • All Memon Welfare CHS
  • All Pakistan Newspaper Employees CHS, Scheme 33
  • Ancholi CHS
  • Bilal Housing Enterprises
  • Business & Professional Executive CHS
  • Callachi CHS
  • Central Information CHS
  • Cornish CHS
  • Dar-ul-Salam CHS
  • Dehli Riyan CHS
  • Diamond City CHS, Scheme 33
  • Gawaliyar CHS
  • Govt Teachers CHS
  • Gulistan CHS
  • Gulistan-e-Malir CHS
  • Gulshan-e-Akbar CHS
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal CHS, Scheme 24
  • Gulshan-e-Malir CHS
  • Gulshan-e-Malir CHS
  • Gulshan-e-Maymar CHS
  • Gulshan-e-Millat Cooperative Housing Society
  • Hadiabad CHS, KDA Scheme-33
  • Halari Memon CHS
  • Hansa CHS
  • Haroon Bahria PN CHS
  • Hashimabad CHS
  • Hussain D Silva CHS, Scheme-4 Surjani Town
  • Karachi Bar CHS, Scheme 33
  • Karachi Rajput CHS, Scheme 33
  • Karachi University Employees CHS
  • Karim Bhai CHS
  • KCHS Union CHS, Blocks 3,7 & 8
  • KDA Scheme No 36 CHS
  • Khorasan CHS
  • KMC United Workers CHS, Scheme 33
  • Korangi Township Sector 32-B CHS
  • Layout plan of Survey No 217B, 217C, 217D Deh Tapo Malir
  • Layout plan of Survey No 631 Deh Joreji in Bin Qasim Town
  • Layout plan of Survey Nos 289, 290, 291, 293, 322 to 330, 474, 475 of Deh Mahl
  • Layout plan of Survey Nos 292, 296, 297, 385, 387, 490 of Deh Mahl
  • Layout plan of Survey Nos 485, 486 to 498 & 499 of Deh Joreji
  • Layout plan of Survey Nos 546 & 547 Deh Joreji in Bin Qasim Town
  • Lucknow CHS
  • Madras CHS
  • Makhdoom Bilawal CHS
  • Malik CHS
  • Mansoora KDA Scheme 16 (F B Area)
  • Mashriqui CHS
  • Meerat CHS
  • Merchant Navy Officers CHS
  • Muslim Cutchi Khatri CHS
  • Naya Nazimabad
  • New Lyari CHS, Scheme 33
  • Nipa CHS
  • North Karachi Township
  • North Nazimabad CHS, Scheme 2
  • North Town CHS
  • Oak Residency CHS
  • P&T CHS
  • Pakistan Atomic Energy CHS
  • Patel Industry Park CHS, Scheme 45
  • Pillibhit CHS
  • Pir Elahi Bux Colony
  • Punjabi Sauadagar Multipurpose CHS
  • Qureshi CHS
  • ROK Cooperative Housing Society
  • Sadaf CHS
  • Shah Latif Town CHS, Scheme 25 A
  • Shahnawaz CHS
  • Shamsi CHS
  • Sonex Housing CHS
  • Sonex Housing CHS (Phase-2)
  • Soomra CHS
  • State Bank of Pakistan CHS, Scheme 33
  • Suparco Employees CHS
  • Works CHS
  • Zeenatabad CHS

There are many cooperative housing societies in Karachi that are built illegally on encroached land with fake documents. Most of the illegal cooperative housing societies are situated in Gulzar-e-Hijri, Malir, and Bin Qasim town.

Usually, buyers commit a mistake by not verifying the status of the land at the time of purchase by the relevant government’s departments. This carelessness is one of the major reasons of fraudulent real estate deals.

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