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How To Prepare For Home Quarantine? – Few Handy Tips

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As we all know that the number of public and private companies have decided to allow their employees to work from home amid the ongoing pandemic worldwide. The provincial governments have also instructed to shut down all educational institutes Moreover, the government of Sindh has also ordered the closure of educational institutions, government offices, parks, picnic spots, shopping malls, restaurants, markets, and other public spaces. All these measures have been taken to restrict the spread of Coronavirus, which is rapidly transmitting person to person. According to doctors, a distance of around 6 ft from the infected person is necessary to protect ourselves from the virus. Therefore, today we will be going to discuss how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from this contagious virus.

Researchers believe that home quarantine is the most effective practice to prevent this virus from spreading. Today, we have gathered some of the most important points you must know if you’re preparing for home quarantine.

Let’s kick it off!


Before we jump to the must-know points for the preparations home quarantine, let’s learn about what quarantine actually is and how it is different from isolation?


Many of us usually get confused between isolation and quarantine. Most people consider these terms as similar to each other, but that’s not the case. A renowned health agency in the US, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that the state of quarantine is a practice to prevent people from attracting a viral infection and falling sick, even if they are healthy for the time being. Contrary, Isolation is for the people who are already infected and they could be potential sources to transmit the virus disease to other people. That’s why they are recommended to be in isolation until they fully recover.

So, even if you’re feeling healthy and have no symptoms of Corona, it would be a good option to go for self-quarantine at home as a preventive measure.

Now let’s move to our topic about how you can prepare your best for home-quarantine.

Stock Up Food Supplies

Since you are expected to stay at home for the next few days and will not be stepping outside the home until it’s safe. In such circumstances, you must have enough food supplies to survive for two weeks at least. Just in case, anything from your supplies has fallen short, opt for online shopping. There are various stores in Pakistan which are offering home delivery services such as Carrefour, Naheed, HumMart, etc.

Some of the necessary items you should stock up for longer duration include flour, pulses, beans, nuts, rice, canned vegetables, etc. However, for meat, you can opt for frozen items.

Keep First Aid Kit And Necessary Medicine Supplies

Before going to home-quarantine, you must get your first aid kit ready with all medical supplies to deal with any minor emergency situation at home. There’s always a risk of getting a light fever, headache, cut and sprains during regular days. Therefore, your first aid kid should be equipped with all the necessary medical supplies such as bandages, cotton balls, antiseptic, safety pins, thermometer, pain killer tablets, pain relief ointments, etc.

Maintain Good Hygiene With Pets

You have to be careful with your pets if you’re planning to go for home-quarantine. It’s not possible to keep pets free from bacteria and germs, but it’s very important to maintain high standards of hygiene for pets before starting your home-quarantine. Owing to the current high-risk situation, it’s highly recommended to minimize physical contact with pets. One should properly wash and sanitize hands before and after touching, feeding, and petting your pets.

As per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s recommended to wash hands for 30 seconds at least in order to sufficiently sanitize them. However, hand sanitizers are also handy in situation where soap and water are not readily available.

Seal Doors And Windows

One of the most essential things you need to do while preparing for home-quarantine is to seal your abode to keep outdoor pollution at bay amid the coronavirus crises. However, do not forget to clean your home properly before shutting down all the inlets to avoid the indoor allergens infestation.

These are few of the important tips we would like to share with our readers. We hope these tips will help you prepare for home-quarantine. If you’ve any confusion regarding the points mentioned in the blog, please feel free to ask in our comment section.