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COVID ’19 – Impact of Coronavirus in our daily lives

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The global pandemic COVID ’19 began mysteriously in vast central Chin’s city Wuhan, and it has traveled across the world infected thousands of people. This illness has been spreading from person to person and continuously rising up the figure of affected people. Countries across the world are taking multiple measures that can bring disease to an end. From imposing a ban on huge gathering to shut down all businesses, everything has interrupted the way we live, work and our daily routines. Seeing the rapid rise in the cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan, concerned authorities have contained potential actions to deal with these worst situations nowadays going on in the homeland. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, people have to manage unusual daily activities. From missing their social gatherings to panicking about buying groceries, from taking online classes at home, to keep children busy everything is wreaking havoc.

In this blog, we have discussed the effects of the coronavirus and some useful few tips that are barely difficult to follow and can save our lives.


This global turmoil has not only impacted our lives drastically but has damaged the country’s economy majorly. As people are asked to being quarantined, the imposition of a curfew on cities and temporary closing of borders is really worsening the situations. But we need to stay calm and take the required precautions. The following are some of the important tips that are very easy to use.


As large gatherings are banned and it is advised to avoid public places because bus stops, shops, parks, restaurants are medium channels of spreading germs. Besides, people have stopped hanging out and canceled their trips. Wearing masks as a safety measure and gloves is the basic easy yet impactful step that most of the people can be seen following it across the country. Seeing the news of lockdown in Italy seems an eco-friendly effect of the disease. Satellite data collected from Copernicus Sentinel- 5p has revealed that Italy’s air pollution from nitrogen dioxide has decreased majorly.


It’s time to say goodbye to the gym. This fact will probably sadden all the fitness freaks. Not only this, but sports lovers are also supposed to neglect their love for cricket and football because the biggest event PSL has been postponed even due to this illness in the country.


In Pakistan, handshake a physical greeting is considered as giving respect to others but according to medical reports, going on the global epidemic spread through contact. Although it difficult to avoid such greetings with the people but still they are putting their efforts for their health safety. Despite shut down all gathering spots, people are trying to stay away from high-risk objects like doorknobs, elevators, handrails, etc. As people are getting aware of these facts, they started to look for alternatives instead of hugs and physical greetings, etc.


If we started to look at the positive side of the obstacles, it will help us to stay calm and deal with the situations more peacefully. Staying away from university mates and avoiding having tea at a hotel is a little bit challenging but it’s ultimately giving an opportunity to spend time with our family and have some delicious home-made food. This outcome can be counted as one of the most favorable ones as it is bringing closer family members.


As per the recent news, section 144 has been imposed in Sindh that means a gathering of two or more people is banned otherwise legal actions will be taken and they will be responsible for the consequences. Considering the very tough situation due to corona any kind of gathering formal or informal is a serious crime. The police have been asked by the officials to implement the rules form preventing the virus.


Attending classes from home is another opportunity for students to not to panic about getting late for class. Where educational institutions have asked to extend the vacations but completing courses and not affecting student’s studies is also a responsibility of these institutions. Opting for virtual classes is the best way to get benefit from technology. Moreover, employees are also doing their job staying at home and getting paid.


The global pandemic has impacted the world dreadfully. Every individual is feeling fearful and might be experiencing anxiety attacks. But we need to calm down as much as and help others.

Here are some tips to relax in this ongoing situation.

  • Seeing groceries are running short of supply due to locking down of all utility stores causes the anxiety to infect us. But you don’t need to panic and have a look on Coronavirus grocery list, you can easily sort out how to stock up your pantry strategically.
  • Have some quality time with family.
  • Start doing something that makes you happy whether its art, story writing or anything else.
  • Get more connected to nature. Stay home and watch the sunset.
  • Follow the rules and act accordingly as we are all equally responsible for it.

This was our take on the current global pandemic. Last but not the least, play your part by taking a few certain precautions; stay home, wash your hands regularly, do not touch risky objects and stay safe, lets together fight this global obstacle.