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A Comparison Of House Buying Vs Constructing

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Everybody of us wishes to live in a house that perfectly matches our preferences. Therefore, a large number of people prefers to construct the house while some people also inclined towards the idea of purchasing a pre-built house. The area and location of the property are one of the most important factors that influence people’s decision about owning a house.

People usually look for a property which is located close to their offices. After this preference, the next step is to be clear about if they want to construct a house or buy it. However, the later stages consist of priorities such as design, number of rooms and storeys, etc.

Whether you go for build or for purchase house, things to remember

Regardless of the fact that why are you looking for this move, your preference will always be a house that’s compatible with your budget and needs. But still, the question remains the same, either to build or purchase? Today we’re going to compare both the cases briefly for you, we hope it helps you decide whether to go for a build or to buy.


Purchasing a property in Pakistan these days requires a massive investment. However, there are multiple Islamic and conventional banks offering home loans. People avail these loans to purchase a property. For those who’re looking for pre-built units, can have their money requirements fulfilled in a single loan.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to construct your house, you’ve to request a couple of loans. The first one for purchasing a plot and the second one is for all the construction work. The process of getting two loans requires more resources and can be a time-consuming process.


People are more inclined towards constructing a house rather than purchasing it. The major reasons behind people bending for this option are the customization in house design and cost. According to the observation, the cost of house construction is less than 20-25% as compared to the pre-built unit of the same size.

Price for plot and construction work expenses are not the only cost you need to consider. In some cases, people have to live in rented houses while the construction works will end. So, you’ve to consider these additional expenses as well. It’s also an interesting factor to note that constructing a house from basics in a posh area, can cost you more than buying a home in an affordable vicinity.


While choosing between purchasing or building, there are many people who prefer to purchase pre-built units. The reason behind this decision is that they want to avoid the hectic construction phase which requires a lot of time and energy to manage everything during that phase. At times, people choose to start off things as early as possible. Therefore, pre-built units allow them to shift immediately and continue their lives from a new home in a quick span of time. Moreover, the pre-built units usually have furnished interiors and well-built exteriors.

Despite such convenience, a huge number of people wouldn’t go for this option. The core reason is people love customizing their home according to their needs and requirements. Moreover, some people are really hard to satisfy when it comes to their preferences.

It is also observed that people want recreational spaces in their properties, for children as well as adults.  People built children’s play area, study room, library, swimming pool, piano room, etc in their houses.

Addition of such facilities in the property not only satisfies the owner’s preference but also add more value to the property. Adding such spaces for recreational activities in the house is easier at the time of construction as compared to adding them in an already constructed house.


Whether resale is your concern or not. But the newer property has the greater value. You should consider this factor as well. The newly built houses have many latest features, that’s why they are the top choice of many buyers.

So, if you’ve bought a recently constructed home, you’ve got a fair chance of a profitable resale deal. Old constructions might not be able to pay high returns on your property investment. So, just in case, you’ve any plan to sell your property in the future, it’s highly recommended for you to consider this factor.


Despite the fact, the final decision will be yours. Whether you go for constructing a house or purchasing a pre-built unit, once you go through all the important pros and cons about both the decisions, it would be easier for you to make your final choice.  One of the most important things is to create a balance between your budget and lifestyle needs. However, both of these situations have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Meanwhile, you can always visit for the latest price updates and best property investment advice. Our expert opinion may help you in deciding whether you should go for purchasing a pre-built unit or constructing a house.