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Defense Housing Authority, more commonly known by its initials ‘DHA’, is a well-reputed housing project throughout Pakistan. It offers a wide range of investment options in the country, particularly in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. If you’re looking to invest, it’s a really tough decision to select DHA of any particular city for your investment. Today, we will compare DHAs in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore and give you a brief overview of the residential projects established by DHA in each city.

Let’s kick off with a comprehensive overview of the basics of DHA societies. We will dig down deeper on to the city-based specifications and will discuss the investment opportunities in DHA across all three major cities of Pakistan.

DHA Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad – Comprehensive Overview

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) mostly serve the housing needs of armed forces personnel and their families. The project is a planned community, with well-designed phases, smooth roads, designated commercial and residential areas, and easy access to a number of recreational activities.

The community has strictly imposed rules and regulations in order to maintain the standards that truly defines the class of DHA. The dedicated landscaping crew of DHA is in charge of maintaining and manicuring the parks. Despite the fact, DHA has launched its project in several cities across Pakistan, we will be discussing the three major cities today, in order to assist you to decide the best option for your next real estate investment.


DHA is indeed one of the poshest areas of Karachi. The area is well-known for its high-end eateries, spas and salons, designer boutiques and shopping centres. The area has paved roads and efficient security arrangements for its residents. Situated in the southern region of Karachi, near Clifton, DHA comprises of 8 phases. All the phases of DHA are well-planned and fairly developed. DHA Karachi is the centre of focus for those who wish to build luxurious homes and live in bungalows. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find apartments here.  There are multiple options available if you’re looking to purchase a flat. Most of the flats are located in the designated commercial areas and newly constructed housing schemes.


Following its reputation of Karachi, DHA Lahore is also one of the commonly-known real estate brands of the city. The project is widely known for its luxurious standards of living. DHA Lahore is situated in the southern region of Lahore. The community comprises of two modern shopping centres, a number of restaurants, highly equipped hospitals, gyms, and parks. The project features all the necessary and other exciting features to make this project one of the most attractive choices. The project mostly caters to houses and residential plots. However, similar to Karachi, you can find apartments in DHA Lahore too. The project saw massive growth over the years and now it has a total of 9 phases.


DHA has decided to step in the capital of the country back in the early 2000s. DHA Islamabad is a modern community, established with the best planning and infrastructure. There are many environmental concerns which were taken care of while constructing this project. Situated at the main GT Road, near Bahria Town, the project comprises 5 phases, an extension of phase 2, and the DHA valley. Following its legacy, the society offers easy access to leisure activities, a number of eateries and well reputed educational institutes to facilitate its residents.


Budget is the most important factor while making a real estate investment. Let’s discuss and compare the ongoing price trends of DHA projects in the three cities of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.


For house –  Rs 2.5 to 60 crore

For Flat – Rs 40 lakh to PKR 8 crore

For a residential plot – PKR 1.65 crore to PKR 35 crore


For house – Rs 85 lakh to PKR 22 crore

For flat – PKR 1 crore to PKR 3.56 crore

For residential plot – Rs 28 lakh to PKR 22 crore


For house – Rs 21 lakh to PKR 6 crore

For flat – Rs 21 lakh to PKR 1.9 crore

For residential plot – Rs 7 lakh to PKR 4.5 crore.


DHA residents are usually well off people. They are used to living in a well-maintained community. They have easy access to a number of amenities. DHA, as a project, is fully capable of handling repairs, performing roadworks and other issues that may occur and trouble the residents.

We recommend you to not only focus on the community you’re investing or looking to reside in, but also consider the standard of living you want to enjoy within these major cities. Each of the three cities has its own norms and the final decision will be yours about which lifestyle suits you best.


Karachi, being the world’s seventh largest metropolitan, is the city that never sleeps. Famous for its nightlife, the city is often regarded as the “city of lights”. Karachi has a lot of eateries which are opened till midnight even on weekdays. After midnight, you can find a number of spots to enjoy the piping hot breakfast.

Talking about the climate of the city, The city experiences scorching summers and mild winters every year. But despite having tough weather conditions in summers, Karachi has comparatively better temperature average as compared to Lahore. However, home to over 20 million people, the city is badly suffering from air and noise pollution. Karachi is Pakistan’s major economic and financial hub, therefore, the city offers many exciting job opportunities and other sources of income to its residents.

The prolong traffic jams is one of the major concerns of Karachietes. Despite wide and paved roads, the traffic congestion in Karachi can turn your minutes’ journey into hours. Availability of food is quite convenient and affordable in all areas of the city. Karachi is world’s one of the most economical cities to live. A good-living in Karachi is more affordable as compared to Lahore and Islamabad. Not having a central transportation system is the major lacking for Karachi. However, online cab services, Public buses, and rickshaws are the common modes of commutation in Karachi.


Lahore is the city with a rich cultural history. Lahore has a legacy of customs and traditions. Being the capital of Punjab, Lahore is home to over 11 million people. Lahore is a quite secure and peaceful city to live. However, the extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat during summers and hazardous smog in winters counts as the negative points for the city.

Lahore is the centre of national monuments, traditional street foods, and historical architecture. The central transport system is another major facility for Lahoris to use for their daily commutation. Unlike Karachi, Lahore is not famous for its nightlife. People tend to sleep early wake up early at dawn. However, the construction of various shopping centres in the city in the recent past has brought a little change in the lifestyle of people.


The federal capital Islamabad, many times regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, is a well maintained, clean, and green city. As in Lahore, people in Islamabad also sleep early. Despite several shops and cafes are being opened in the city to entertain people till late night, if you’re looking for an active nightlife, Islamabad might not the right destination for you.

Islamabad as a city is more organized as compared to both Lahore and Karachi. Lifestyle in Islamabad is fairly quieter than that of Karachi and Lahore. The city is not overly populated. Therefore, everyday travelling is not a hectic phase in Islamabad.   Islamabadians enjoys top-class security all year round. Climate conditions in Islamabad are perfect with mild summers and cold winters. Islamabad is surrounded by beautiful natural beauty and abundant greenery.

According to our above analysis, we can conclude that the final decision doesn’t solely depend on where to invest in DHA, but it also requires a clear thought about what kind of investment you’re looking to make and what lifestyle you prefer.

We have presented you with the overview of possible investment options in DHA, we hope this will help you finalise your decision regarding making an investment in DHA.