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Bahria Town Karachi – Here Is How You Can Apply for Possession

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Bahria Town Karachi had recently declared for the extension of its deadline for getting charge of properties that have fully developed till the 31st of January. Managing the big real estate project had given direction to the owners of the properties to pay for all the dues and then apply for possessing easy transfer residential as well as commercial plots, villas, and departments in various sectors. For that matter, the authorities dispatched a notice for Bahria Town Karachi for different owners that were concerned last month.

The real cause behind this deadline extension for 15 days of the previous month was the huge response of interested investors that the Bahria Town Karachi got over the past few days. This possession is counteractive at the office of the project which had seen a good response of owners of properties, therefore initiating the managing authorities and calling them for the extension of the deadline.

Malik Riaz who is the chairman of the Bahria Town scheme also declared that the location of the plot would be given to the previously subscribed members as stated by the mapping. The people who invested in the Bahria Paradise and the Sports City would now be getting their plot numbers this March.

Even though the process for possession in Bahria Town Karachi is a term that goes in a systematic manner, the rush of the public that pertains to the declarations can make it somehow more time taking. So, if you do not want any further delays to happen, it is better that you acknowledge the process for getting the plot ownership in an upscale scheme of housing in the city.

You need to get to know about

  1. Possession confirmation
  2. Charges of possession
  3. And documents that are required

Let’s see how to apply for getting property in Bahria Town Karachi. As indicated before, Bahria Town Karachi issued a notice for the owners for handling the properties in December. On getting the notice, you can be an applicant for dues, investing for the possession and charges for utility and issuing the documentation.

However, if the notice is not available, you will have to visit the counter named ‘Possession and Category Information’ at the office of the real estate sector and get to know about your property status through presenting the payment for the last payment or registration for the Bahria Town Karachi.

If the area is not available for possession, you must wait for the next Bahria Town Karachi declaration for possession. On the contrary, if the property is available to be handed over, get the request form for possession, slips for utility charges, and possession from the counter. Moreover, you will also need to know about the additional charges applicable to the possession.

Bahria Town Karachi Recent Possession & Utility Charges

Here is a breakdown of current Bahria Town Karachi possession charges along with the applicable utility charges.

Type Size Utility charges Possession charges Maintenance charges
Residential plot 2,000 sq. yd. & above PKR 422,500 PKR 351,000  —
 — 1,000 sq. yd. PKR 370,500 PKR 253,500 PKR 13,000
 — 500 sq. yd. PKR 253,500 PKR 214,500 PKR 6,500
 — 250 sq. yd. PKR 117,000 PKR 136,500 PKR 3,250
 — 125 sq. yd. PKR 84,500 PKR 97,500 PKR 1,950
Bahria Homes Paradise PKR 485,000 PKR 375,500 PKR 6,500
 — Sports City Villa 350 sq. yd. PKR 273,000 PKR 422,500 PKR 4,550
 — Quaid Block 200 sq. yd. PKR 214,500 PKR 286,000 PKR 2,600
 — Iqbal Villa 150 sq. yd. PKR 169,000 PKR 214,500 PKR 1,950
 — Old Bahria Homes 200 sq. yd. PKR 214,500 PKR 195,000 PKR 2,600
 — Old Bahria Homes 150 sq. yd. PKR 169,000 PKR 214,500 PKR 1,950
Bahria Apartment 4-Bed 2,950 sq. ft. PKR 227,500 PKR 370,500 PKR 3,250
 — 3-Bed 2,250 sq. ft. PKR 169,000 PKR 292,500 PKR 2,350
 — 2-Bed 950 sq. ft. PKR 110,500 PKR 227,500 PKR 1,950
Farm Houses 2 acres PKR 877,500 PKR 1,235,000 PKR 26,000
 — 1.5 acres PKR 682,500 PKR 1,007,500 PKR 18,200
 — 1 acre PKR 455,000 PKR 715,000 PKR 10,400
Commercial Plot Over 1,000 sq. yd. PKR 845,000 PKR 600,00 PKR 15,000
 — Up to 1,000 sq. yd PKR 955,500 PKR 525,000 PKR 13,000
 — 500 sq. yd. PKR 845,000 PKR 812,500 PKR 6,500
 — Up to 250 sq. yd. PKR 513,500 PKR 747,500 PKR 3,250
 — Up to 200 sq. yd PKR 409,500 PKR 585,000 PKR 2,600
 — 120 sq. yd. PKR 357,500 PKR 422,500 PKR 2,000
 — Liberty Commercial PKR 475,500 PKR 525,000 PKR 4,500
 — Jinnah Avenue Commercial PKR 942,500 PKR 1,560,000 PKR 6,500


You will need to acknowledge these charges can be altered by the Bahria Town Karachi. Payment can be done through pay-order or cash in any bank branch near your residence. You can also pay it at any bank counter under designation at the office of the Bahria Town Karachi.


The list of the required documentation to apply for property possession in Bahria Town Karachi.

1. Photographs of passport size – two

2. National Identity Card – computerized: copy and original

3. Possession form for Bahria Town Karachi

4. Allotment letter – provisional – if applicable

5. Charges slip for utility and possession

6. Category charges – original slip for deposit

7. Booking form – original customer copy

8. Letter of transfer with the use of original slips for installment

9. Letter of authority on a stamp paper of Rupees 100 with allottee’s computerized national identity card copy and a photo of passport size – if allottee is not available

You can get a token through a counter on submitting the documents in the Bahria Town Karachi office. Then you can wait for the approval of your possession.