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Brief Analysis: Most Popular Projects Of The City Scheme 33 , DHA City , Bahria Town Karachi & Gulshan e Maymar

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Despite the fact that the month of July was the steady one in terms of property prices in Pakistan as we all know that there was a great brouhaha about the General Elections 2018, the real estate market of Karachi had shown the downfall in terms of property prices. The market saw a consistent downward trajectory during the month of July.

Observing stats, the property market for houses in megacity has fallen down to 0.725%, which means the fall of about 1.46-index points. The minor decrease has been recorded consistent with June’s statistics i.e 0.32% decrease from 0.65-index points. The situation clearly reflects that the market hasn’t recovered and retained its falling graph.

Talking about the prices of plots, the market in Karachi for the plots has fallen by 47.38-index points, which means the decrement of 6.67%. The market faced the total decrease of 0.45% during the month of June. However, the comparison of statistics for the current month revealed that the market hasn’t boost up yet. So the property gurus will have to wait for the next month to determine if the market has achieved stability or not.

The project wise market overviews are as follows:

Scheme 33:

The current year has seen the remarkable acceptance of Scheme 33 Karachi. Even though the popularity of scheme 33 was continuously progressing since the last year, this year have been the best one for Scheme 33 so far.

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After the accretion in the prices of Scheme 33, Gulshan-e-Maymar has become the heaven for the real estate builders.

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DHA City:

dha city karachi dck

An analysis of the market of DHA City reveals that the average property prices of DHA & DHA city have increased almost 3 to 25 lacs in different sectors after the General Elections held on 25th of July.

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Bahria Town:

bahria town karachi

Bahria Town Karachi’s market took a large dip and witnessed a major correction in profits/premium after the Supreme Court verdict regarding irregularities in Bahria Town Karachi.

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