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Scheme 33 Karachi – One Of The Most Popular Projects Of The City

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The current year has seen the remarkable acceptance of Scheme 33 Karachi. Even though the popularity of scheme 33 was continuously progressing since the last year, this year have been the best one for Scheme 33 so far. Many property gurus noted the increasing popularity and the rise in prices of Scheme 33 last year. But this year scheme 33 has finally come into vogue. The project is currently the most favorite choice of investors for plots in Karachi.

Scheme 33 is one of the largest projects of the city consist of 54 sectors divided into 293 housing societies. This vast area is also one reason for Scheme 33’s popularity. The area defining the location of scheme 33 is essentially expanding the city towards it. The project is nicely situated near Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, and Malir Cantonment. Moreover, it is located on both sides of the Super Highway.

As the project has 293 housing societies, it’s difficult for investors and genuine buyers to select the best possible choice. However, the most popular projects of Scheme 33 are as follows:

  • Sector 17-A
  • Saadi Garden
  • Saadi Town
  • Sector 35-A

According to authentic sources, other projects that are recommended by experts are as follows:

  • Pakistan Scientists Cooperative Housing Society
  • Punjabi Saudagaran Society
  • Teacher’s Society
  • Rabia Enclave

One of the similarities that exist in the above projects and sectors are that all of them are located at the southeast of the Super Highway nearing New Karachi – Hijri Road and University Link Road.

Experts believe that the area is one of the best options for investors and genuine buyers. Specifically, sector 17-A is highly liked and active. Rest of the recommendations include Madras Town, Pakistan Scientists Cooperative Housing Society, and Pakistan Navy Housing Society for investment.

You can also consider Saadi Town and Saadi Garden. According to experts, both the projects are best deals but Saadi Town would suit genuine buyers while for investors, Saadi Garden would be the best choice.

The prices of some of these projects are as follows:

Teachers Society

Plot Size Prices in PKR
120 yd2 5,000,000—5,500,000
200 yd2 7,500,000—8,500,000


Saadi Garden

Plot Size Prices in PKR
120 yd2 3,000,000—3,500,000
240 yd 5,500,000—6,000,000


Saadi Town

Plot Size Prices in PKR
120 yd2 5,000,000—6,000,000
240 yd2 10,000,000—12,000,000


Pakistan Scientists Cooperative Housing Society

Plot Size Prices in PKR
400 yd2 18,500,000—19,500,000
240 yd2 15,500,000—16,000,000