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Brief Analysis: Property Prices in Pakistan in the month of July

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The month of July was the steady one in terms of property prices in Pakistan as we all know that there was a great brouhaha about the General Elections 2018. The market slightly progressed during this month as engagements with genuine buyers increased.

Image credits: Zameen

The overall increment in rates of houses was about 0.7%, it means the rise of 1.57-index points. The increase during the last month was 0.82-index points indicating that the prices have remained consistent throughout this period. This percentage of increment also reflects the fact that the market was engaged with genuine buyers during the month of July.

Image credits: Zameen

Analyzing the plot price index, it has marked an increase of 0.24%, reaching there from an increase of 0.6-index points. In July, the Plot Price Index had increased by 0.29-index points, fueling to an increase of 0.12%. Both of these trends reflect that the market has remained steady and the coming months will determine the direction of the market.

Concluding the situation comprehensively, the real-estate market has remained stable throughout the July, with minor and negligible fluctuations in some parts of the country for both plots and houses. The steadiness of the market essentially reflects the fact that there is an equal amount of selling and purchasing in the property market and the fluctuation of prices isn’t unusual or something beyond the norm.