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The Market of DHA Karachi has slowed down a bit from what it was a few weeks before. There were some transactions due to the presence of genuine buyers. However, the investors’ transactions are almost seized at the moment. Same slow down has been seen in DHA Lahore as well.

Talking about specific phases and sectors, DHA Lahore, Phase IX, is highly not recommended for investment at the moment till the next two years at least. The reason is DHA Lahore has acquired a vast area for phase X. Therefore, you will see a lot of files of phase X in the market soon. Observing Sahil Avenue, located at DHA Karachi Phase VIII ext, we found that the momentum Sahil was enjoying in past has stopped all of a sudden.

DHA Multan has shown some potential after the launching of their Villas. At the moment, there is nothing that much catchy from investors point of view. In fact, we recommend investors to consider 5 Marlas and 10 Marlas in DHA Multan. The newly launched villas will supplement the investments in plots. DHA Villas aren’t the bad option either but in terms of return on investment, plots will be more lucrative than Villas. Some of the reasons for that is the less duration to pay the full amount for villas and balloting issue.

Even though the market of DHA Peshawar and DHA Bahawalpur was sluggish since last few months, DHA Bahawalpur is standing at very good prices at the moment. These prices will no longer remain intact. So for a long-term investment, you can opt for DHA Bahawalpur but avoid if your plan is for short-term investment.