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Karachi Improves Crime Index Rating & Real Estate

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Karachi, the city of lights, has the most population in the entire country. The better an urban city with this much population is in all regards, the better the state of the country goes. Law enforcement agencies and authorities have been successful in efficiently decreasing the rate of crime in the city due to which the World Crime Index rating of Karachi has dropped down to a significant level.

Karachi has left behind many cities even belonging to the developed countries and has been able to make it to the list of the cities that are safe for the citizens of Pakistan. The crime index rating is set at 54.99, while the safety index rating is 45.01 for the city. This means a significant improvement by 24 places as of the middle of last year. The city stands at the 95th position on the list.

What Do Numbeo’s World Crime Index Ratings Mean?

The website known as Numbeo conducts different surveys on an online basis by compiling information into data through local teams that conduct surveys to find out the crime index rate of the region that can be compared with other regions.

Crime rates lesser than 20 are considered as very low, while rates from very low to 40 are considered as low, from low to 60 are considered as moderate, and levels around 60 to 80 are considered to be high, while levels even greater than 80 are considered to be as very high.

Caracas in Venezuela is considered to be the most unsafe metropolis in the world with a safety index of only 15.02. while on the other hand, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is considered to be the safest city in the world with a crime rate of only 11.49 during the past few months.

The crime rate in Karachi has dropped to a high extent in the past few years, and its position has crossed the Crime Index rates of a lot of cities that are famous all around the world. A quick understanding of the major cities’ crime index ratings goes as stated below.

City Crime Index Ranking Crime Index Safety Index
Cape Town 19 72.93 27.07
Chicago 49 63.68 36.32
Delhi 70 58.72 41.28
Washington, DC 76 57.6 42.4
Las Vegas 89 55.6 44.4
Casablanca 92 55.27 44.73
Karachi 95 54.99 45.01

Karachi’s World Crime Index Record

A brief history of the world crime index rating of Karachi is explained as below:

Year Crime Index Ranking Crime Index Safety Index
2017 47 64.18 35.82
Mid-2017 50 62.73 37.27
2018 50 62.2 37.8
Mid-2018 62 58.79 41.21
2019 61 58.43 41.57
Mid-2019 71 56.79 43.21
2020 95 54.99 45.01


The table shows the significant improvement the city has shown over the years when it comes to declining the crime index rating of the city. Other factors that involve in improving the situation of the city are highly significant in this regard. The helplines of the provincial police force – 15, the Sindh Rangers – 1101, and others have a significant role int hat matter. Furthermore, the overall security of the city has been continuously monitored through a framework of CCTV cameras that had been installed about a year ago. The footages provide a good resource for the crime controlling agencies in the cities to respond to any criminal activities in due time and take important actions in not only controlling but also preventing the situation from occurring again as it threatens the ones who are committed to breaking the law.

For enhancing the efficiency of the surveillance system, authorities have been planning to substitute the CCTV cameras with the latest high-tech cameras for surveillance that have better efficiency in identifying suspects and improving the situation of security in Karachi. These are going to be ten thousand in number.

Better Crime Index and Real Estate Sector of Karachi

Many business activities take place in the city of lights, and therefore, the real estate market business is already at a better pace than in other cities of the country. This value of the market is going to get improved even more according to the indicators as given above. Many real estate investment activities in Karachi are going to get speeded up, all thanks to an improvement in the public safety level in the city. The market report of last year for Karachi shows the performance of the crime controlling agencies.

With that being said, we come to the conclusion of this discussion that entails the significance of the key factors improving the safety of Karachi and the city’s overall performance in maintaining law and order in the country.