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DHA CITY Karachi Prices & Facts – All you need to know

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DHA City in Karachi is a residential project in its planning stages under the supervision of Defence Housing Authority – DHA, which was inaugurated in 2009. The location is in the surroundings of Karachi, on the Main Super Highway which is about 56 km away from the center of the city.

The DHA City in Karachi is spread across the 20,000-acre area and has 16 different sectors, it is a sustainable and green city. There is a park that works on solar energy and is beneficial in cases of energy deficit in the city. There is a good supply of electricity for making the project advantageous.

Let’s see some details on what the project has to offer and where it is located. DHA City Karachi is in the vicinity of the M-9 Motorway. Bahria Town Karachi is located at a distance of 38-minute drive, and the citizens will also be able to visit amusing places like Bahria Adventure Land as well as The Day and Night Zoo, also known as the DANZOO.

Malir Motorway is going to connect the main roads from DHA City to the main Karachi area. On complete construction, the motorway will bridge the gap between the DHA and the DHA city. The drive of an hour will get alleviated to a drive of 20 minutes.


The houses are designed in a manner that it offers better accessibility to shops, markets, and worship places. Moreover, construction work has started to pay off. The presence of theme parks, sports hubs, and a healthcare city all come into the plan. There is a market space constituting of 400 yards with every area covering 250 homes. That way, residents can easily get access to markets in their proximity.

There is a plan to also build a grand mosque that will house a thousand worshippers. There is a place for 105 acres specifically dedicated to healthcare services. There is a plan to build up Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in the place as well. Moreover, the Dow University of Health and Sciences is also located in the DHA City Sector 3.

To address the problem of shortage of power, there is a demand for the energy supply without interruption. There is a need for an uninterrupted supply of power through a solar energy park that spreads across the 64 acres of land. A 1.1 MW project is started to give electricity to some buildings.

Many educational institutes will be making up the knowledge park comprising of a DCK college a DCK Suffa University, National Centre of Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship and affiliation of the Institute of Business Administration with the DCK.

Work is developing at a fast rate and sector 3 of DHA city is not fully functional and established, where a junior school and a kindergarten are present for providing a good education. There is an expectation that the City School will be resuming in the third sector.

DHA city has also made an exceeded plan for transportation for the facilitation of the local residents in the scheme. It includes modern buses, trams, and different bridges for pedestrians. The groundbreaking ceremony of the DHA Karachi City interchange for M 9 Project took place on July 9, 2018, and is soon going to be inaugurated.


According to the latest updates of DHA city Karachi, the residents in the villas in sector 3 have now taken ownership of the residential units. The work for establishment took place in November last year and now sector 13 and sector 14 are now being established at a faster rate which has improved the interest of different project investors.

A lot of plots are available for sale in sector 14 of DHA city. Sector 14 is categorized into 4 sectors that comprise A, B, C, and D sub-sectors. In the first two sectors, plots are available in the sizes of 125 square yards, while in the last two sectors, plots are available in the sizes 500 square yards. The minimum available size for the plot present in the DHA city is 200 square yards and the sector A and sector B have 125 square yard plots available. The first two sectors are in proximity to the main boulevard and are in connection with the M 9 motorway.

In Sector 13 of DHA Karachi City, the infrastructure is well established and is present on the main boulevard. It has a total of 6 sub-sectors that include A, B, C, D, E, and F. In the first three sectors, 200 square yard plots are available for sale, while in the sectors D and E, 500 square yard plots are available for sale. In sector F 13, 300 square yard plots are available for sale. Due to the lack of accessibility for the plots, there remains a high demand for these sectors.

DHA City, Karachi has also a big line of elite farmhouses. The ballot process of the Defence Housing Authority for the allocation of numbers against the Oasis Farmhouses in DHA Phase I was conducted last year in November.


All 125 square yards available for sale in the DHA City are present in the sector 14, sub-sectors A and B, having an initial price of PKR 28 lacs. The initial price of a 200 square yard plot in the area is around 34 lacs in PKR currency. You can get a plot consisting of 500 square yards in the DHA City between the range of 55 lacs to a total of 1 crore PKR currency.

Farmhouses are also available for sale and are much in popularity as the options for the property are broad. You can easily get a farmhouse in the Defence Housing Authority City with a minimum of PKR 25 lacs and a maximum of 85 lacs OWN in Pakistani currency. We hope this information has helped you regarding the popular project of DHA.

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