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Malir Development Authority- Here’s All You Need To Know About MDA

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Eyeing the complex managerial issues caused by the rapid expansion of the urban population in Malir Town, Karachi, the government of Sindh has established the Malir Development Authority (MDA) back in 1993. The authority has been made in charge of many roles and responsibilities to improve and groom the local infrastructure.

So, today we are going to present a comprehensive overview of the Malir Development Authority (MDA).

Founded in 1993, MDA’s emerged with the core aim of development of the neglected residential localities and for the restoration of the stalled development projects in Malir Town, Karachi. The authority was amalgamated with the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) in 2001. However, the CDGK got dissolved later leaving the MDA as an independent institution once again.

Malir Town is widespread to a large area having its one end in Gulshan Town while the other is touching Gadap Town. Malir Development Authority is exploring new ways to initiate the provision of low-priced housing units in the locality.

Has the Malir Development Authority (MDA) Introduced Any Housing Scheme Yet?

As of now, the Malir Development Authority in Karachi has introduced 3 housing schemes. The details about which have been listed below:

  • New Malir Housing Scheme-1
  • Shah Latif Town Scheme 25-A
  • Taiser Town Scheme-45


The New Malir Housing Scheme-1 stretched to around 4000 acres in the north-eastern part of the city. The project was launched with the aim of providing shelter to over a million people belonging to low and middle-income communities. The project is located in the center of Bin Qasim Industrial Zone on the main National Highway and is adjacent to Steel Mill and link road to M9 motorway better known as Karachi-Hyderabad motorway. One of the country’s major motorways.


Following the pattern of New Malir Housing Scheme-1, Shah Latif Town Scheme 25-A has also established to provide affordable residential units. This affordable scheme of MDA holds significant commercial value. Shah Latif Town is situated at around 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Also, Shah Latif Town is near to Landhi Industrial Zone.


Taiser Town is another most talk-about project of the Malir Development Authority in Karachi. Taiser Town is also a low-cost housing scheme with aim of providing affordable housing options to low and middle-income communities. The project covers a vast area of 20,000 acres.

Taiser Town is a very popular housing scheme among real estate circles, especially in the recent past. One of the major reasons for its popularity and superiority over other MDA projects is that it has been planned by an international firm. Engineering Consultants International Limited (ECIL). The housing scheme will offer all basic amenities and facilities to its residents.

Furthermore, a 4-lane Highway the major road link of the city passes through Taiser Town. The road intersects with Jinnah Avenue and MM Alam Road near the junction of M9, Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Therefore, we can say that Taiser Town is situated in a well-connected area.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Malir Development Authority(MDA)?

The main roles and responsibilities of the Malir Development Authority(MDA) in Karachi are as follows:

  • The authority is in charge of not only the development of the area but its role also includes updating and flourishing the existing infrastructure.
  • All the litigation issues of housing societies, projects, and urban development in the area will be taken care of by MDA.
  • MDA would be responsible to check and approve the map of each and every housing society being developed in Malir Town.
  • MDA is responsible for assuring that the area should be free of illegal encroachments and they should carry our anti-encroachment drives on regular intervals to counter this issue. Moreover, MDA will also monitor and counter the irregularities in the local real estate sector.
  • MDA is parented by Sindh Government. Therefore, it is responsible to organize balloting events and rolling out investment plans for all of its affordable housing schemes.

How to reach the Malir Development Authority(MDA)?

You can visit the head office of Malir Development Authority between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  The office is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. Bangalow No G-4/B, Block 17

You can also contact MDA through telephone at (021) 99244770

So, this is our today’s comprehensive overview of the Malir Development Authority (MDA) in Karachi. We’ve also covered the major roles and responsibilities of MDA. We hope that this information will help you better understand the purpose and aim of this Government-owned real estate authority.