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Scheme 33 – No Further Registration, Lease, Sub-Lease and Sale Deeds

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The Sindh government has halted the registration, lease, sub-lease, and sale deeds of many housing societies of Scheme 33, Karachi. As per the letter issued by the Cooperative Department of Sindh to IG registrations, the mentioned housing societies in which the administrator or in charge of the committee of societies were appointed and also, who got sub-leases and registrations through illegal channels, and those regarding whom NAB investigation is under process will no longer be able to gain registration, lease, sub-lease or sale deed.

The name of the mentioned Scheme 33 societies are as follows:

  • Andalleb CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Ex-Servicemen CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Al-Habib CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Income Tax employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Post Office workers CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • KDA officers CHS Ltd, Karachi
  • Firdous CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Quetta Town CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Azimabad CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • HDA Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Allama Usmania CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Sindhi Momin CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Architect and Engineering Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Kaghan CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Civil Aviation Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • National Cement CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • Kokan Muslim CHS Ltd. Karachi
  • P.C.S.I.R Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
Furthermore, the Cooperative Department also requested to furnish all the details of sub-lease and registrations issued by the registrar and sub-registrar involving the above-mentioned cooperative societies. The letter to DG registrations also requests to intimate the department prior to finalizing the issuance of sub-lease in the future so that department can take necessary action.
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