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Performance Analysis – Four Cities, Four DHAs

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Despite the fact that DHA is one of the most attractive names in the real estate domain of big cities, this project still has a long way to cover before it makes such success in comparatively smaller cities.

Today, we’re going to discuss the current standing of different DHAs

DHA Bahawalpur

Starting with the DHA Bahawalpur, this project has been struggling for the past few months. The files’ rates fell down to as low as 26 lacs. However, some damage control efforts by DHA management boost it up a little to 29 lacs. The files are currently trading at 28 lacs. It is not recommended to opt for DHA Bahawalpur at the moment. Experts believe that the next balloting announcement will have a positive impact on prices.

DHA Gujranwala

DHA Gujranwala has shown steady performance in terms of prices for the last few months. The consistency in prices is expected to continue in the next couple of months as well. If you’re looking for the long-term investment, you can opt for DHA Gujranwala. But for medium-term and short-term returns, DHA Multan seems more promising then DHA Gujranwala.

DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar has yet to show some effective outcomes regarding prices. The project is not anymore recommended by experts for short-term investments. The key reason behind this loss of confidence is the continuous suffering of prices.

Still, this project has a lot of potential for long-term investors. If you’re looking for long-term investment, this project may prove lucrative for you. According to property gurus, the plot prices will gain around 20% to 30% in the next couple of years.

DHA Multan

DHA Multan is currently trading at his self-made base price of 45 lacs. Apparently, the prices are not expected to fell down any further. Some rumors suggest that balloting will be held in near future. However, nothing so far has been confirmed by DHA Multan about balloting.

Moreover, DHA Multan has announced the launching of DHA villas on the 30th of October. This addition will surely benefit DHA Multan as this premier project offers beautiful yet unique 5,4, and 3 bedroom Villas consist of 6,9, and 12 Marla. The mesmerizing tropical view will compliment this project to provide the ultimate living experience.

The launching of DHA Villas next month marked the question mark on the expected balloting of DHA Multan. As per expert-opinions, DHA Multan would not conduct balloting in December, they may wait for at least 6 months after the launch of DHA Villas.