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Social Distancing – What to do & What to avoid

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The outrageous global pandemic COVID’19 has become a very horrifying incident of 2020. Considering the fact that this disease effectively spread through physical contact we have frequently been asked for social distancing. The number of infected people due to coronavirus has been increasing rapidly in Pakistan and the government is not lacking back in putting their efforts. Although all concerned authorities are taking measures to tackle the rampant situations of the country, role of each and every individual is equally important to slow the spread of potentially fatal illness.

As social distancing is imperative and seems the only best way to stop the illness but the question is how to practice it? How tough time it can give? We will try to answer all the questions and make understand better the term “social distancing” so keep your eyes on the article till the end and get what it is.


Only maintaining 6 ft. distance in general from people defines the social distance in the current scenario. No need for panic thinking you have to cut off your social ties or you’ll be deprived of fresh air. All you need to do is to keep the space of 6ft while shopping for groceries or attending the meeting and greeting people. If you are able to follow the precautionary measure of being mindful, you are self -protecting eventually and ultimately helping each and everybody. Let’s have look at what measures can save our life.

Not only experts but The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also recommended keeping 6ft distance and not getting into overcrowded places. Instead of handshaking or hugging a friend, there is an easy alternative to show affection and love is to simply wave at each other.


It is a bit challenging to cancel planned events and not having dining time with friends and family at a restaurant. But this is the only best way to slow down the spread of COVID’19 and humans can be protected.

The more we show responsibility as citizens, the sooner we can get free from this global epidemic so it’s very important to take precautionary measures and avoid social gatherings.

As we are living in the 21st century and technology is nowhere lacking behind. Take out your smartphones and get a long call with friends or have selfie time but make sure to avoid huge gatherings.


World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the necessary precautions in order to deal with COVID’19. Whether it has to travel outside of the city or taking your kids out in the park, both situations can damage your health and others as well.

As the virus has spread globally so this is exactly not the right time to travel to other countries. By the government of Pakistan, intercity traveling is lockdown now due to coronavirus outbreak.

If you are in the mood of watching a movie or starving for some delicious food, better to opt for making it online. You can almost get everything done online as technology is going very fast.


To avoid circumstances and stay safe, ask employees to work from home. Working while staying home can be a little bit challenging for technology naïve but can eventually turn a tough job into a couch of comfortability for the ones who are pro at it. However, in both scenarios work from the home facility is the best option in order to say safe from viruses.


Groceries are the basic needs of home and visiting stores at the end of the month to buy them is usual. But what to do in this situation when shopping from stores is risky due to this serious illness across the world. There is another best alternative is to make a list of groceries and shop online because that is a safer way.


Staying at home really doesn’t mean to call your friends and closed ones at your place and have a party. Look for other ways to have fun at your home. As educational institutes are using online software for the purpose of virtual classes, in the same way, use social apps i.e. Skype, WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends.


Considering the fact that currency notes can also carry the coronavirus and can pose a potential threat to anyone handling currency notes or coins the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued directives to banks to promote cashless transactions. Moreover, going to an ATM could also risky as COVID’19 spread through coming in contact.