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ARY Laguna Karachi – Here Is What We Know So Far

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After ARY Villas in Bahria Town Karachi, the ARY Group is all set to launch its another flagship real estate project “ARY Laguna” in DHA City Karachi. This state of the art project has been designed to offer luxurious yet affordable resort-style living to the residents of Karachi.

Today, we are going to discuss all the major attractions, features, and prices of ARY Laguna.

Introduction to ARY Laguna

ARY Laguna basically incorporates an “Artificial Lagoon” and ultra-modern community development with an artificial beach. This idea of living with an artificial seashore is the first-ever project of its own kind which creates a lot of excitement in real estate circles as well as in general public.

The project is primarily going to offer luxury villas, mostly with a beach view, on a flexible installment plan. The project will also feature other residentials and commercial units such as apartments, shops, and offices. These units will be launched in the later stages of development.

ARY Laguna is located within boundaries of DHA phase 9, more commonly known as DHA City Karachi. However, the exact location of the project hasn’t been disclosed yet. ARY Laguna is a very large-scale project with perhaps thousands of acres of land has been reserved for the development of this mega project.

We are expecting ARY Group to reveal these details about the project in the next few weeks.

Major Attractions

Talking about the major attractions of ARYY Laguna, so far, we have come across four major attractions of this mega project which are as follows:

  • The iconic Artificial Lagoon
  • Subcontinent’s Tallest Building
  • Pakistan’s Largest Shopping Mall
  • Beach-Front Villas

The Iconic Artificial Lagoon

A lagoon is an artificially created sea, and ARY Laguna will feature Pakistan’s first-ever man-made lagoon. The water of lagoon will be crystal clear, and to keep the sea clean from mosquitoes, algae, and fungi, highly advanced technology will be utilized. Pure white sand will be used to develop a beautiful beach where residents can spend their leisure time.

Subcontinent’s Tallest Building

ARY Laguna has planned to build the subcontinent’s tallest building. Currently, the tallest building of the subcontinent is Supernova in Noida, India. The Supernova is 323 meters high.

According to the initial reports, the Laguna building will be more than 330 meters high to surpass Supernova as the subcontinent’s highest building. The Laguna building will host several commercial activities, businesses and entertainment facilities.

Pakistan’s Largest Shopping Mall

ARY Laguna is going to host the country’s largest shopping mall. The mall to be constructed in ARY Laguna will surpass Karachi’s LuckyOne and Lahore’s Packages mall in terms of area as well as local and international brands.

Beach-View Villas

The most famous attraction of ARY Laguna is the beachfront villas. Most of the villas in the project are expected to be beach-front. It means residents can enjoy the serenity and mesmerizing views of the beach directly from their windows and balconies.

The project is also expected to offer plots and farmhouses. However, any official plan regarding this is yet to release.

Salient Features

The ARY Laguna is not just about a peaceful resident around the Lagoon, but it will be a modern community development that offers its residents a high standard of living through world-class amenities. The project is all set to provide topnotch facilities in every walk of life such as education, health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Here are some of the major salient features of ARY Laguna:

  • Pakistan’s first-ever Resort-style living
  • Man-made Lagoon with white sand and crystal clear waters
  • Advance technology to make the dengue-free environment
  • Water Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants on the Beach
  • Lush reserved greenery s for Horticulture

The Launching Ceremony

Mr. Salman Iqbal, CEO ARY group recently inaugurated the launching of this mega project during the launch ceremony of Karachi Kings.  Salman Iqbal also briefed and explained his vision behind this unique concept.

DHA City – The far-flung area

DHA City is usually considered as the far-flung area from Karachi which requires a long drive of around 90 mins from the city’s downtown. To overcome the time and cost of travel, the development of Malir Expressway is in progress. This expressway is expected to connect initial phases of DHA with Airport and DHA city reducing the traveling time to as low as half an hour.

Visionary Holding

The ARY Group is going to launch its own very own brokerage company. The company will be named “Visionary Holding” and many believe that it will be Pakistan’s largest brokerage company. Vision Holding will establish around 20 offices worldwide. ARY Laguna will be launched through Visionary Holding. However, other private companies can work with them after registration.

Neighborhood & Rates

The ARY group has not revealed any official information about the location of the project. Real estate circles believe that the location would be somewhere from the initial phases of DHA City from the under-construction Malir Expressway. The master plan and no. of residential and commercial units are yet to be announced.

Talking about prices, there are a lot of rumors in the real estate circles about the prices in ARY Laguna. Real estate gurus believed that ARY Laguna would be an expensive project. The predicted price range for 500 sq yd beach-front villa may not be lower than Rs 4 crore. Since the project will take a lot of time before it got ready, the investments people will make here would be of long-term. Therefore, there’s a fair chance that the payment plan would be quite flexible as well as convenient.

Keep following to get updates about the prices and location of ARY Laguna as soon as they are announced officially.