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Bahria Town is known for its lavish lifestyle and extraordinarily beautiful infrastructure all across Pakistan. The real estate has bloomed quite radically in just a short time and has attracted overseas Pakistanis to invest in the place as well. More and more people are prioritizing getting a property in Bahria Town due to its prestigious reputation. Bahria Town Karachi was a project started in 2015 and has now become substantially developed housing scheme in Karachi. The mesmerizing features and high capacity for houses make it a highly amazing place to invest in.

Although Karachi’s Bahria Town is under its final stages of construction, the finished project is brilliantly promising for the new residents. Apart from the housing scheme’s own shuttle service, Bahria is also launching a sightseeing bus service for people. Below mentioned are some hot details that would update you about the ever magical residential and commercial sector.

What’s new in Bahria Town Karachi?

Here are some details described in short about Bahria Town Karachi so you can have a quick idea about what’s sizzling in the town.

  • Inauguration of Bahria Town’s School & College second campus
  • Free shuttle service launch
  • Sightseeing bus service
  • Bahria Golf View Terrace apartments
  • Inauguration of Bahria Town’s School & College second campus

After the successful opening of the Bahria Town School and College campus in the town, Bahria Town Karachi is opening its second campus, the Golf City Campus. The management has integrated some innovative educational technologies to facilitate the students of Bahria Town for high-quality education designed to meet the needs of the modern world.

Unlike other lavish schools that don’t give options to students whether they want to pursue matriculation or Cambridge system studies, Bahria Town School and College have facilitated its students an open choice for pursuing matriculation and O-level studies according to their need. In addition, the institute comes with proper coverage of CCTV cameras and a vigilance team to ensure foolproof security at the campus.

Bahria Town School and College have also inaugurated a school bus service in Lahore, Punjab called Yellow Fleet. The authority has been planning to do the same in the Bahria Town Karachi campuses to facilitate the BTSC Karachi students with pick and drop amenity.

Free shuttle service launch

Bahria Town Karachi has launched a shuttle service absolutely free of cost that is a big step in the advancement of the real estate as it would make the approach to the town much more convenient. The Bahria Town administration in Karachi is making sure to provide luxury and comfort to its residents in the best manner possible.

Opening of the shuttle service in Karachi to Malir Halt and the area Sohrab Goth is an appreciative step regarding this. The shuttle bus service has been trailed on two buses where one bus takes the passengers from Bahria Town to the area Mali Halt and whereas the other fleet takes the route from the town to Sohrab Goh. Both buses commute three times on a daily basis towards their corresponding destinations. It starts daily between a quarter to half-past seven in the morning.

Sightseeing bus service

In addition, Bahria Town Karachi has also launched a bus service for the purpose of sightseeing. You can take the whole tour of Bahria Town Karachi sitting in the bus and view the magnificent and enchanting tourist attractions and architectural masterpieces all over the town.

The highly modern town enjoys a unique location, state-of-the-art security services, and a good infrastructure. Moreover, the Bahria Night Safari, Bahria Adventura, Bahria Dancing Fountain, Trafalgar Square, Btk Booking Office, Rafi Cricket Stadium and Jamia Mosque holds significant importance in the town that serves as highly attractive places for tourists from not only Pakistan but also from all over the world. You can have a look at the whole town with your eyes by availing this amazing sightseeing service they are offering.

The route starts from Bahria Carnival – a famous entertainment place for family. Bahria Town Karachi Bus Service for sightseeing remains operational on weekends during evening hours. The highly amazing service only costs PKR 30 for one individual.

Bahria Golf View Terrace apartments

The Bahria Golf View Apartments, as the name implies, are perfect apartments that give a view of the Rayhan Golf Course. The highly innovative apartments are getting much attention from investors recently due to their beautiful location.

The Bahria Apartments are amazingly planned apartments that are good places for investment there especially if you are a fan of good locations. The exquisite locations make these apartments highly sought-after by the investors. The much practical yet innovative architecture has nothing to offer but utmost perfection and brilliance to the residents of Bahria Town Karachi who are looking for apartments.

These luxury apartments will be featuring categories 2, 3 and 4- bedroom types of apartments according to the requirements of the investors. All of the apartments would be giving a perfect view of Rayhan Golf Course which is famous for being the first standard night-lit golf course having 36 holes PGA in South Asia. Moreover, the apartments come with a fully furnished interior that increase the value of these apartments.

Apart from these updates, Bahria Town Karachi has a lot more to offer which time would unleash soon. There is more than just the glitters about this place as high security, good facilities and more accommodation with good traffic control makes this an ideal place for you and your family to live in. moreover, also do check the commercial zones in the towns as they have their own perks other commercial zones in other areas do not have. We hope these updates would have given you a good overview of what’s new in the town.