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Hidden “SALES” lessons you need to learn from Imran Khan’s speech at UNGA

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Read Time: 3 mins

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s well-structured and impactful speech at the UN General Assembly is packed with a lot of lessons on psychology, leadership, marketing and sales that will help you in whatever field you apply them. We can easily relate to his four points sales pitch relating to climate, corruption, islamophobia, and Kashmir and apply it on marketing and selling. Here are five points we can conclude from making an impactful impression on your audience.

Reflect genuineness

With a traditional Pakistani dress and a humble greeting, the Prime Minister represented our culture and religion with the best confidence. He used an extemporaneous style in his speech that radiated originality and each word coming out of his mouth was heartfelt. This is a great lesson for all salespersons who want to move their audience with their words. Just be original and you will get the attention you need. It may not seem so obvious, but people have a tendency to detect what’s being spoken from the heart and what’s not. Instead of using sugar-coated phrases and fake gestures, be honest and talk to them as you would talk to your loved ones. People will see it and be attracted to what you will have to say.

Body gestures

Within the duration of the speech that lasted for about an hour, Imran Khan’s bodily gestures were filled with confidence. He didn’t lose his focus and enthusiasm for even a single moment nor he did appear to be exhausted in a long time. The tone and passion in the speech were consistent and without any break. He was resolute, genuine, mesmerizing and highly poised. There was not a single moment when he looked as if he regretted anything he said. This is the same perception salesperson having expertise in their field have. The charisma and magnetism they radiate during their sales pitch are what makes them stand out from the rest.

Impactful content

Even though Khan’s speech was unwritten and extemporaneous, he had some highly impactful articulated points in his mind with some strong reference points that helped in making a valid note for all the nations of the world to understand. His powerful words cast a spell on the audience all over the world and everyone listened to the speech with high interest.

People who are good at public speaking know what points to skip and what to talk so their audience does not get pushed away in the event. When the sales pitch has a powerful content, people pay full attention to what the speaker has to say. Also, if the speech is combined with some genuine emotions, it becomes even more convincing. Use stories and emotions to cultivate curiosity in the audience.


The Prime Minister’s entire speech was a mystical charm of pure emotions and genuine passion getting radiated from each word coming out from his mouth. The sincerity for the Kashmiris and Muslim brothers from all across the world was well depicted through his raw emotions. The concoction of dove and hawk in his voice were impactfully generated. This is not possible through a scripted speech. That is why it is important to feel every word that comes out from your mouth.

Deep analysis of Cost and Benefit

The Prime Minister showed the nations of the world that peace is only possible given if the issue core o Kashmir that would be solved and when the atrocities of the neighboring country of Pakistan in Kashmir were not checked, there could be a threat of a nuclear arsenal.

People having professional skills in sales clearly demonstrate the advantages of their product or service and explain the cons of not getting the benefit. Inducing some fear in the audience about the cons is also a good sales tactic for creating a need.